415 He Was Always Excited About Backstabbing Her Husband

    Gu Nianshen was actually willing to go this far for the sake of his reputation. He was forcing a woman in such a shameless way!

    "Ask for 150 million dollars in fees. He's rich anyway."

    "That's right. Even if you don't ask for it, he would spend the money on another woman." Bai Se chuckled slyly. "I'll reply to them right away."

    Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes.

    This fellow was always excited about backstabbing her husband. What a jerk!


    After the gossip about Xi Xia and Xiaoyu had died down, Lin Yiqian was finally able to focus on work.

    Once she had sorted everything out, she returned to the recording studio. Due to her being admitted to the hospital and the basketball match the day before, her recording sessions had been delayed. She was falling behind in her work.

    However, she needed to complete the work within the stipulated timeline so that she could move on to the next project. This was because she no longer had as much freedom as she used to.

    Today, she would begin recording as a new character. With the new role and a script that she liked, Lin Yiqian spent four consecutive hours of recording. She only stopped when her throat began to ache and her voice was cracking up.

    By then, the sun had already gone down. Despite being exhausted, Lin Yiqian felt soothed by the sky full of stars and the aromatic scent of flowers in the courtyard.

    With her head lifted, she took a deep breath before exhaling and making her way down the stairs.

    "Miss Catwoman." Director Diqlo's voice could suddenly be heard from behind.

    Lin Yiqian stopped walking and turned her head around. She looked confusedly at Diqlo who was running out of the house.

    As he had brought his briefcase for work, he was clearly leaving as well.

    "What's up?" Lin Yiqian asked politely once he got near to her.

    "Since Miss Catwoman has not had dinner yet, and the producers are also on their way over, why don't we have a meal together?" Diqlo asked with a smile.

    "No, thank you. I don't eat dinner," Lin Yiqian responded immediately.

    This was not the first time she rejected Diqlo. Not too long ago, Diqlo had casually asked her out and he even acted calm after she had rejected him.

    Clearly, he felt that Lin Yiqian would not reject him today. Even if she did, she might do it in a less obvious way. He had not expected to be this straightforward.

    "It's so hard to get to have a meal with Miss Catwoman." Diqlo appeared somewhat embarrassed.

    Lin Yiqian smiled without saying a word.

    She did not like working with such people who knew her rules but would still openly challenge them.

    It made things awkward for both parties.

    "I'll walk you over to your car." Diqlo smiled awkwardly.

    As he spoke, he took a step forward down the stairs to stand next to Lin Yiqian as he extended a hand toward her arm.

    A look of disgust instantly appeared in Lin Yiqian's eyes. "Director Diqlo, please don't bother moving. I will try to get the work up to speed in the next few days so that your work can be completed as soon as possible, such that you may return to your home country."

    Lin Yiqian sounded as if she was really pissed off.

    After ending her sentence, she began walking swiftly to her car. The door was already open.

    After Bai Se had left, another female assistant was put in charge of driving her around. As a habit, Lin Yiqian would take a glance at the driver's seat before getting into the car.

    However, when she did so this time, a look of surprise appeared in her eyes. Without checking out anything else, she immediately got into the car.

    Once the door was closed, she looked at the person wearing a cap in the driver's seat. "When did you return?"

    Only seven hours ago, when they were talking to each other on the phone, he was still in America. How did he manage to appear in front of her this quickly?
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