417 Demand The Irresponsible Woman To Return Everything And More

    That explained why Catwoman was so brave!

    However, Gu Nianshen was not in a hurry. Once Lin Yiqian began asking for new purses and new clothes, he would demand the irresponsible woman to return all the money she had owed him and more.

    Exposing the fact that Catwoman had a son was much more impactful than exposing how she had used a fake account to blackmail someone.

    As Gu Nianshen thought about this, he rested his face against his arm on the table. A thoughtful smile appeared on his face.

    These thoughts were making him secretly happy.


    The notification sound of a WeChat message interrupted his thoughts.

    He looked down at the phone. It was a message from 'Queen Song'. "Nianshen, come on over for dinner tonight. Mommy has prepared dishes that you like. Your grandmother misses you."

    Gu Nianshen was not in a rush to reply to Song Changwen's message. Instead, he dialed Lin Yiqian's number before making the call.

    Only after pressing the button to call, he realized that he used to hesitate whenever he called this number. In the end, he would end up not making the call. However, today, he had done it without hesitation.

    When he heard the beeping sound from the phone, Gu Nianshen began feeling a little nervous as he hurriedly thought about what to say.


    Gu Nianshen immediately sat upright when he heard Lin Yiqian's voice. "Lin Yiqian, are you home yet?"

    He sounded inquisitive.

    "Not yet. I'm going to have dinner outside. I'll go home afterward."

    "Who are you having dinner with?" Gu Nianshen asked warily.

    Could she be with the little bastard whose last name is 'Fang'?

    'Call me 'Daddy' in that case.'


    Gu Nianshen suddenly recalled how Xiaoyu had addressed Fang Heyang as 'Daddy'. For some unknown reason, he felt extremely nervous. "Where's that little jerk?" He asked before Lin Yiqian could answer his previous question.

    "Xiaoyu's family came to pick him up. I'm free for the night, which is why I'm out for a nice meal."

    Gu Nianshen sighed when he heard that Xiaoyu had been taken away.

    "Why are you eating on your own?"

    This idiot was definitely not out for dinner on her own.

    Who was she with?

    "Why can't I have dinner alone? I'm having some delicious lobsters. I'll be done very soon. Would you like me to buy anything for you?"

    As Lin Yiqian sounded very calm, Gu Nianshen could not tell if she was making the story up.

    Did that mean she really was having dinner on her own?

    Why did she not ask him to eat with her? Now, she was asking him if he wanted her to buy anything home for him.

    Was she embarrassed to go out with him?

    Gu Nianshen was upset that Lin Yiqian would rather eat alone than invite him along. "No." He proudly refused.

    Before he could finish speaking, Lin Yiqian had already hung up. Gu Nianshen nearly crushed his phone when he heard the beeping sound.

    She did not sound genuine at all. Perhaps she was only offering to buy him food as a token of politeness.

    The more Gu Nianshen thought about it, the more unhappy he felt. "Make sure you remove all the shells of the lobsters. And I don't want garlic in them."

    After sending the message, he exited from the application. A push notification suddenly appeared on the screen. It was related to Catwoman and Na Wa.

    'After gossip about Catwoman and Na Wa's homosexual relationship had surfaced seven hours ago, the duo appeared in Shanghai's Hua Jin Garden one after the other. Someone once saw Na Wa's personal assistant searching for a property in the area. There are rumors that Na Wa and Catwoman have already bought their shared home in Hua Jin Garden."

    The irresponsible woman had really returned.

    'Hehe, she was even kind enough to take the little jerk away.' Gu Nianshen thought. Perhaps she was not thoroughly rotten after all. There was still a ray of hope for her salvation.
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