418 Poor Little Jerk Constantly Looking For Daddy

    However, would the little jerk get upset if he found out that this irresponsible woman was a lesbian?

    After all, he had always hoped to find a suitable Daddy for himself.

    Poor little jerk!


    "I have to leave." Lin Yiqian finally forced herself to get up with her purse in her hand after reading the WeChat message from Gu Nianshen. She then headed for the door. Na Wa had kept her here for far too long.

    Na Wa followed after her. "Are you really not going to stay here with me? We are lovers now." Na Wa pretended to look sad.

    Despite having put her shoes on, Na Wa still would not let go of Lin Yiqian's wrist.

    Na Wa's eyelashes were getting wet from tears as she blinked.

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless. It was not surprising that Na Wa had once won the international best actress award. She truly had excellent acting skills.

    "Stop messing around. Don't forget to come to my office tomorrow morning." Lin Yiqian's mouth twitched as she pushed Na Wa's hand away.

    Lin Yiqian opened the door as she spoke.

    "Got it. Got it. You heartless woman." Na Wa stopped acting as she leaned against the wall lazily and waved at Lin Yiqian.

    As Na Wa was wearing loose-laced pink pajamas, her breasts were nearly fully visible.

    If Lin Yiqian were a man, she would have had a nose-bleed by now.

    Without saying a word, Lin Yiqian waved at Na Wa and was about to close the door when Na Wa suddenly moaned. "Are you hurrying home to your husband to make love?"

    Lin Yiqian looked mortified.

    Could this woman be any lewder?

    For example, she could have used a more conservative or metaphorical way of describing it. The way she said it made Lin Yiqian feel deeply embarrassed.

    Lin Yiqian decisively shut the door in Na Wa's face.

    Once she arrived at the car park, Lin Yiqian noticed a black figure from the corner of her eyes. She smiled a little.

    After giving Bai Se, who was in the car, a knowing look, Lin Yiqian purposefully stopped in front of the car to look at her phone.

    She only got into the car after approximately thirty seconds had passed.

    Once she got into the car, she changed her clothes. Only then did Bai Se turn the engine on.

    "What are you doing?" Bai Se asked curiously after noticing Lin Yiqian was still on her phone.

    "I'm looking for a place that sells lobsters."

    Lin Yiqian was checking out reviews for the nearest restaurant that sold lobsters.

    Knowing Lin Yiqian was not a huge fan of lobsters, coupled with the fact that it was already late, Bai Se felt curious. "Why do you suddenly want to eat lobsters?"

    "I'm in a good mood."

    Lin Yiqian chuckled as she replied, seeming to be in a genuinely good mood.

    "I know you mean you're in a good mood because somebody is accompanying you to eat," Bai Se said.

    "You know too much."


    On the way home, Lin Yiqian did not take a break from peeling lobsters.

    The driver was beginning to feel agitated by the smell of lobsters in the car. "Miss, you're making my car reek of lobsters. How am I supposed to bring other customers around?"

    Lin Yiqian felt that his discomfort was justified.

    After all, not everyone liked the smell of lobsters. "I'll give you five hundred dollars. You can get your car washed before you pick up your next customer."

    The driver did not say anything else after hearing that he would receive five hundred dollars to get his car washed.

    That amount of money would allow him to stop working for the rest of the evening. He would be able to return home to sleep earlier than usual.

    By the time they arrived in front of the courtyard, Lin Yiqian was still left with one portion of lobsters unpeeled. She had separated it from the rest of the peeled ones.

    After paying for the ride home, Lin Yiqian got out of the car and walked quickly into the courtyard.

    Glancing up at the study on the second floor, she noticed that the light was turned off.

    Was the fellow not home yet?

    Lin Yiqian began walking quicker into the house. The TV in the living room was switched on. A local reality show was showing on the screen.
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