419 This Timid Child Is Forgetful

    Could Gu Nianjia have returned?

    Apart from her, nobody else in this household watched reality shows on the television. Lin Yiqian knew that Aunt Zhou liked watching the legal channel. Whenever she discovered topics related to safety within the community, she would repeatedly warn them to be careful when they were out and about.

    Lin Yiqian walked through the entrance after changing her shoes.

    Indeed, Gu Nianjia sitting cross-legged on the couch in her pink pajamas and pink hairband as she focused her attention on the television.

    Did she not need to be at school?

    Despite her school being located so far away, she would still return home every couple of days. Why was Gu Nianshen not being strict with her about this?

    Perhaps sensing that somebody had entered the house, Gu Nianjia glanced in the direction of the entrance.

    When she saw Lin Yiqian, she immediately stopped smiling the way she did when watching the reality show. "Well, well. Aren't you home late?"

    Lin Yiqian ignored Gu Nianjia as she continued to walk past her.

    'How forgetful.' Lin Yiqian thought.

    As Gu Nianjia was annoyed that Lin Yiqian ignored her, she stood up from the couch and followed after Lin Yiqian. "I'm talking to you. Why did you ignore me?" She stood in Lin Yiqian's way as she pouted.

    "Are you talking to me?" Lin Yiqian raised her brows. "You didn't even address me. I thought you were talking to thin air."

    "Tsk. You just want me to call you 'Sister-in-law'." Gu Nianjia rolled her eyes. She could be smart when the occasion called for it.

    Of course, that was the case.

    'I'm glad you're aware.' Lin Yiqian thought.

    However, Gu Nianjia still did not address Lin Yiqian by her title. Instead, she shifted her gaze to the takeaway box in Lin Yiqian's hands. "What is that?"

    Gu Nianjia immediately snatched the box away from Lin Yiqian and opened it. Her eyes lit up.

    "Some leftover lobsters. I over-ordered and decided to bring them home for Xiaoxiao," Lin Yiqian answered calmly.

    "Xiaoxiao can't eat lobsters. Are you trying to make my dog sick?" Gu Nianjia stared at Lin Yiqian as she questioned her righteously.

    "Oh..." Lin Yiqian shrugged. "In that case, your brother can have them."

    "My brother will be upset if he found out that you're only giving food to him because the dog can't eat it." Gu Nianjia chuckled. "Therefore, Sister-in-law, give these to me."

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.

    The whole point of the conversation was apparently just so Gu Nianjia could get food...

    Gu Nianshen and his sister were alike in this sense. Why could they not be more honest about their intentions?

    Lin Yiqian shook her head before snatching the container from Gu Nianjia and placing the one in her other hand on the countertop. "You can have this one."

    Gu Nianjia eagerly opened the container and realized that it was a box of unpeeled lobsters.

    "Why can't you give me the box that has peeled ones?" Gu Nianjia asked as she pointed at the container Lin Yiqian had taken away from her.

    Lin Yiqian ignored Gu Nianjia's question as she changed the topic. "Why are you home all of a sudden?"

    She was able to distract Gu Nianjia's thoughts effortlessly.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianjia no longer cared about whether the lobsters were peeled or not. "Brother Nanmu told me that my goddess will be joining their celebration party. I must be there, of course," she answered whilst walking to the couch.

    After sitting down, Gu Nianjia looked up at Lin Yiqian excitedly.

    She seemed like the typical obsessed fan.

    Lin Yiqian murmured an 'oh' calmly without expressing any emotion.

    "What do you mean, 'oh'?" Gu Nianjia was visibly annoyed.
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