423 I Disagree With Catwoman Becoming Our Aunt-in-law

    Gu Nianjia had already thought about how she would help her uncle win her goddess over. She had even purchased the appropriate gift. Now, she was being asked to cancel her plan.

    How could she let that happen?

    There was absolutely no way.

    Gu Nianjia took a few steps up the staircase so that she was at Gu Nianshen's eye level. "It would be great if my goddess became our aunt-in-law. Once our uncle gets married, you wouldn't have to worry anymore..."

    Although she stopped speaking, her intentions were already made clear.

    Gu Nianshen would no longer worry about his wife cheating on him with his youngest uncle.

    "Isn't that good?" Gu Nianjia asked.

    "No." Gu Nianshen barely hesitated.

    "Why not?"

    "That's because, Xiao..."

    'The little jerk would have to address Song Changlin as his father.'

    Wait a second... Why did Gu Nianshen not want the little jerk to address Song Changlin as his father?

    Why did it matter to Gu Nianshen who became the little jerk's father?

    Gu Nianshen realized it right then.

    As he turned around, his eyes met with Lin Yiqian's curious gaze.

    It seemed as if she was waiting for him to continue speaking.

    Feeling guilty, Gu Nianshen looked away and turned to face Gu Nianjia instead. "We'll see if you can even make it work."

    Gu Nianshen then snorted as he walked past Gu Nianjia and continued upstairs.

    That meant that he had agreed with Gu Nianjia!

    "That means you still support me, Brother."

    'Great news!'

    Gu Nianjia clapped her hands cheerfully. Coincidentally, Lin Yiqian was already next to her. "Lin Yiqian, thanks to me, you will have a celebrity as your aunt-in-law," Gu Nianjia said proudly with her chin lifted.

    'You ought to express your gratitude.' Gu Nianjia thought.

    "Thank you..." Lin Yiqian said without really meaning it as she continued to walk upstairs.


    Once Lin Yiqian had returned to her room, she hurriedly sent a few emails before undressing herself as she stood in front of the cabinet. She was planning to take a bath after retrieving her pajamas.

    However, a WeChat notification could suddenly be heard from her phone. As the phone was on her bed, she had to turn her head around. When she saw the screen had lighted up, she hesitated for a moment before picking it up to check who the message was from.

    "Come over for a while." It was a message from Gu Nianshen.

    Why did he not just come over and speak to her since they were in the same house?

    Why bother texting her on WeChat?

    "What do you want? It's not even eleven yet," Lin Yiqian replied.

    "The lobsters aren't peeled properly."

    Lin Yiqian nearly bit her tongue. "Just throw it away then."

    She had already peeled the lobsters for Gu Nianshen. He ought to be grateful and not be picky.

    Lin Yiqian decided to ignore him as she tossed the phone onto the bed before returning to the cabinet. She then took her pajamas out and was about to close the cabinet when the door to her room was suddenly opened.

    Before she could even look over, she could hear Gu Nianshen's voice. "Lin Yiqian."

    He sounded unfriendly and as if he had bad intentions.

    Lin Yiqian hurriedly put the pajamas on. Gu Nianshen was able to catch sight of her doing so.

    Her fair and smooth skin was fully visible from head to toe for a brief moment.

    Gu Nianshen could feel a tightening sensation in his throat as his body heated up.

    Quickly, he turned his head to one side as he looked away momentarily. When his gaze returned to Lin Yiqian's body, she had already fastened the belt around her waist.

    "What do you want?"

    Lin Yiqian leaned lazily against the cabinet as she hugged her chest while raising her brows at Gu Nianshen.

    She did not sound welcoming at all.
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