428 My Brother Is A Superficial Man Too

    Therefore, Lin Yiqian was certain that this girl had a favor to ask of her but was unsure of how to voice it out.

    If Gu Nianjia was not going to say it upfront, Lin Yiqian would not ask her either.

    After drinking up the milk in the glass, Lin Yiqian placed the glass on the table. She then elegantly wiped her mouth with a napkin before standing up and walking away.


    Gu Nianjia finally spoke up when she saw that Lin Yiqian was leaving.

    The way she called Lin Yiqian was more affectionate than on any previous occasion. There was no doubt that she wanted something from Lin Yiqian.

    "What is it?" Lin Yiqian asked confusedly.

    "The... The..." Gu Nianjia was unable to speak coherently.

    Lin Yiqian knew her all too well. Gu Nianjia must have been too prideful to speak her mind.

    However, Lin Yiqian was not going to ask her. She would wait for Gu Nianjia to string her words together.

    After approximately one minute, Gu Nianjia was still mumbling. Lin Yiqian finally lost her patience. "I have two meetings in the morning. If you're not going to say it, I'm leaving."

    Panicked, Gu Nianjia ran after Lin Yiqian. "Sister-in-law, please hold on."

    "I'll be attending my brother and his team's celebration party. There will definitely be a lot of guests there, including my goddess. Look at me. I don't have a decent bag or car..."

    Gu Nianjia wanted to borrow a car and a purse from her.

    To be more precise, she wanted Lin Yiqian to make that request to Gu Nianshen on behalf of her.

    "And?" Lin Yiqian pretended not to understand what Gu Nianjia was trying to say.

    Gu Nianjia was not a patient person either. "Give me a purse, and tell my brother that I would like to drive his Bugatti."

    'Woah...' Lin Yiqian thought. This fellow had a taste of luxury and was now looking for more. Last time, she only asked for a Porsche. This time, she was directly requesting for a Bugatti.

    Most importantly, Gu Nianjia did not sound like she was asking for a favor at all. It was as if she rightfully deserved those things.

    However, there was no use in asking Lin Yiqian for help. Last time, Lin Yiqian was able to give her a car purely out of coincidence. It perhaps had nothing to do with the fact that Lin Yiqian was the person who asked for it.

    Even if it did, it would definitely not work this time. That was because Lin Yiqian had rejected Gu Nianshen's physical advances the night before. Now, they were not even on speaking terms. Gu Nianjia would be better off asking Gu Nianshen for the favor on her own.

    Lin Yiqian refused to get herself involved.

    As she thought of this, Lin Yiqian decisively rejected Gu Nianjia. "You know that your brother and I are not on speaking terms. He won't listen to anything I say. I think it's better if you speak to him on your own."

    Gu Nianjia pouted unhappily. If she had the guts to approach Gu Nianshen on her own, she would not have needed to kowtow to Lin Yiqian.

    "I'm leaving." Lin Yiqian was not going to entertain Gu Nianjia any longer.

    Just as Lin Yiqian turned around, Gu Nianjia reached for her arm. "Sister-in-law, just say some nice things to him. My brother can be easily convinced. He'll give in if you speak nicely to him."

    Gu Nianjia pouted and bent slightly at the waist so that she seemed much shorter than Lin Yiqian.

    Lin Yiqian finally saw Gu Nianjia pretending to be cute whilst begging for something to be done for her.

    Lin Yiqian felt a sense of achievement in her heart. As she looked down on Gu Nianjia, her smile was barely noticeable.

    Not speaking, she waited for Gu Nianjia to continue with the sweet-talking.

    Seeing how Lin Yiqian was still not convinced, Gu Nianjia continued to plead. "If it doesn't work, you can try charming him with your beauty. My brother is a superficial man too. Based on your level of beauty, you can definitely accomplish that."
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