430 My Sister-in-law Wishes To Reconcile

    Tsk. Gu Nianjia was a kid who could barely survive with twenty thousand dollars a month. What could she possibly help Lin Yiqian with?

    As Lin Yiqian cursed in her heart, she had not even had the chance to reply to Gu Nianjia before a virtual red packet was sent over to her.

    "This is the only money I have left this month. Two hundred dollars. Please accept my offering, Sister-in-law."

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    She wanted to tell Gu Nianjia that she was even poorer than her nephew.

    At the very least Gu Nianjia's nephew had a few ten thousand dollars in his bank account, all of which he had received as birthday gifts.

    On the other hand, this fellow was only left with two hundred dollars to her name. If Lin Yiqian accepted the money, she would feel guilty.

    "Don't you want a car? I'll get one for you. As for the purse, you can pick whichever one that you like from my wardrobe." Lin Yiqian replied without accepting the red packet.

    "You only drive a Mercedes-Benz, which costs five hundred thousand dollars. Where would you find me a nice car? I don't want a rental car. If news got out, it would be embarrassing. My brother might kill me."


    This fellow doubted Lin Yiqian's capabilities.

    Since Lin Yiqian felt doubted, she decided not to care anymore. "If you don't want my help, you can find a solution on your own."

    Panicked, Gu Nianjia began frantically explaining herself. "Why would I doubt you? Our family already owns cars. Sister-in-law, all you need to do is flirt a little and you would easily get what you ask for. Besides, my brother is handsome anyway. You won't lose anything. If I weren't his biological sister, I would have wanted to be married to someone like my brother. He's so good-looking."

    "Didn't you want to be married to a man like your youngest uncle?"

    "Hehe. I'm fine with either of their types."

    'Tsk. How pretentious!' Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes at Gu Nianjia without replying.

    After going to Gu Nianjia's profile, Lin Yiqian scrolled down to see if she had posted anything new.

    Gu Nianjia's most recent post read, 'After ten days of not communicating with the Beast, freedom, freedom, and more freedom'.

    The second post on her profile read, 'After nine days of not communicating with the Beast, freedom, freedom, and more freedom'.

    The third post on her profile read, 'After eight days of not communicating with the Beast, freedom, freedom, and more freedom'.

    It went on and on.

    Gu Nianjia would publish a post each day with pictures of nice meals and snapshots of her victories in a game together with the line of text.


    By the time Lin Yiqian reached the third day of Gu Nianjia's publishing streak, she burst into laughter.

    This child was vicious.

    Lin Yiqian nearly cried from laughing so hard.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen observed Lin Yiqian from the outside. He wondered what was making her laugh so hard on the phone.

    Moreover, she seemed so focused that she did not even look at him.

    Feeling agitated, Gu Nianshen picked up the wine bottle and poured himself a full glass of wine before drinking it all at once.

    He was about to continue pouring more of the wine when the screen on his phone suddenly lit up. The WeChat message stirred up a feeling of excitement within him.

    Upon taking a closer look, he saw that it was a message from Gu Nianjia. There was even an emoticon attached to the message. Gu Nianshen immediately lost his sense of excitement as he decided to ignore it.

    However, Gu Nianjia sent yet another message almost instantly. "Brother, my sister-in-law wishes to reconcile with you. However, she is too shy to take the first step."

    'Huh?' Gu Nianshen picked up his phone excitedly as soon as he read the message.

    After ascertaining the intent of Gu Nianjia's message, his gaze shifted over to Lin Yiqian who was still looking down at her phone in the room.

    Was she chatting with Gu Nianjia?

    However, why did Gu Nianshen have some doubts about this idiot wanting to reconcile with him?
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