432 You Seduced Me

    "I never said that to her. She even told me that you wanted to reconcile with me." Lin Yiqian decisively gave Gu Nianjia away. "She was the one who added me and asked me to beg you to let her drive your Bugatti."

    If Gu Nianjia was going to play dirty, Lin Yiqian would play along with her.

    Shaking her head, Lin Yiqian spoke as she put Gu Nianshen's phone down.

    He knew it!

    Gu Nianshen was certain that Gu Nianjia must have been up to something. "Did you agree?" He raised his brows at Lin Yiqian.

    "It's not my car. Why would I agree to that?" Lin Yiqian shook her head.

    She then locked her phone and placed it on the bedside table as she got ready for bed.

    Her nonchalant attitude bothered Gu Nianshen. "Aren't you going to beg me on her behalf?"

    "She's your biological sister. If her asking for it didn't work, why would it work for me?" Lin Yiqian chuckled.

    It sounded like Lin Yiqian was not entirely unwilling to help Gu Nianjia.

    Instead, she perhaps felt that she was incapable of doing so.

    Gu Nianshen felt much better after hearing what Lin Yiqian said. He then sat down on the other side of the bed with his back to her.

    After a long while, Gu Nianshen still did not hear a sound from behind him. He began to wonder if Lin Yiqian had fallen asleep. "Haven't you two always hated each other?" He asked softly.

    "She is the one who hates me, and it's completely one-sided. I'm too busy to hold grudges against a young child like her," Lin Yiqian replied almost instantly.

    There was a hint of laziness in her voice, which at the same time portrayed her feeling of annoyance.

    However, this quality of arrogance was exactly what Gu Nianshen liked about her.

    "You're not that much older than her," Gu Nianshen said affectionately.

    Lin Yiqian had spoken as if Gu Nianjia was much younger than her.

    "When I entered the third grade, she had only just transferred to our elementary school. By the time we had graduated from middle school, she had not even entered middle school yet," Lin Yiqian said in a huff.

    Gu Nianshen could feel Lin Yiqian turning as she ruffled the duvet.

    Turning his head around, he saw that Lin Yiqian was indeed now facing him. With the lights in the room turned off, and a thin layer of curtain drawn over the windows, only a small amount of moonlight seeped into the room.

    In spite of that, Gu Nianshen could see the silhouette of Lin Yiqian's face, as well as her bright eyes reflecting the moonlight.

    In that instant, Gu Nianshen felt a tightening sensation in his throat as he resisted the urge to inch closer.

    Hurriedly, Gu Nianshen looked away and turned his back to her. "Did she really transfer to our school?" He pretended to sound surprised.

    "It's no wonder that Gu Nianjia claims that you are not her biological brother. You don't even remember this about her." Lin Yiqian pursed her lips.

    "How did you remember that she transferred then? Is it because of Song Changlin?"

    Lin Yiqian wondered if it was just her or if she could sense a hint of jealousy in his voice.

    "Why do you always mention Song Changlin? Are you jealous?" Lin Yiqian stared at the back of his head and asked.

    "What's there to be jealous of an idiot like you?" Gu Nianshen snorted.

    After a long moment of silence, Gu Nianshen began to frown.

    Could she have fallen asleep?

    Gu Nianshen was about to turn around to find out if Lin Yiqian had fallen asleep when he suddenly felt a hand on his waist.

    The warmth in her hand slowly seeped through his pajamas onto his skin.

    He could even feel the softness of her hand.

    Unable to control himself any longer, Gu Nianshen turned around and extended one arm around her thin waist as he pulled her close.

    He then moved on top of her and lowered his body onto hers before nibbling her ear gently. "You seduced me."
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