433 You Really Are My Awesome Sister-in-law

    His husky voice was extremely alluring.

    Lin Yiqian felt as if a jolt of electricity had hit her. With her hands raised, she circled them around the man's neck.

    "Nianshen," Lin Yiqian murmured softly.

    Gu Nianshen immediately felt his body tense up. It was as if his veins were about to erupt.

    He reached for Lin Yiqian's waist before gently unfastening the pajama belt around her waist.

    Slowly, he traced his fingers along her flat stomach.

    Lin Yiqian shivered as she tugged at Gu Nianshen's neck, pulling him closer before she landed a kiss on his neck.

    At first, she began licking his neck with her tongue.

    The soft sensation was accompanied with the slight moisture from her saliva, which left his neck feeling cool and a little ticklish.

    Sensing Lin Yiqian's playfulness, Gu Nianshen leaned in closer as he savored the moment. All of a sudden, Lin Yiqian opened her mouth wide before biting down on his neck and sucked on it.

    "Owh!" Gu Nianshen blurted painfully.

    This demon!

    Was she trying to kill her own husband?


    When Lin Yiqian woke up the next morning, Gu Nianshen was no longer by her side.

    She was so tired last night that she did not even realize when she had fallen asleep. Right then, she was completely naked.

    Despite being under the covers, Lin Yiqian felt insecure. She pulled the duvet higher up so that she was wrapped tightly underneath it.

    Lin Yiqian then proceeded to get out of bed.

    She was about to head to the closet to get clean clothes before taking a shower when the door to the room was suddenly opened.

    Shocked, her grip on the duvet tightened. When she saw who had walked in, she frowned. "Why didn't you knock before you came in?"

    "I did. You didn't answer me. That's why I have let myself in." Gu Nianjia chuckled.

    She then noticed that Lin Yiqian was wrapped in a blanket. "Why are you all wrapped up in a blanket?" Gu Nianjia asked curiously.

    Lin Yiqian's face turned red as she struggled to answer the question.

    Gu Nianjia was not exactly naive either. She immediately knew what had happened. "I knew it. You and my brother did it last night," she said as she walked up to Lin Yiqian.

    She had a sly smile on her face.

    "And it's all because of you." Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes.

    "Does that mean that the plan has succeeded?" Gu Nianjia's eyes lit up.

    She ran over to Lin Yiqian excitedly before grabbing her by the arm.

    "You can get the keys directly from Housekeeper Wu." Lin Yiqian's facial expression turned dark.

    That meant it was a success!

    Gu Nianjia was overjoyed as she gave Lin Yiqian a hug. "Thank you! You really are my awesome sister-in-law. I'll ask for an extra autograph from my goddess for you."

    "Oh, right. Would you like to take a picture with my goddess?" Gu Nianjia asked as she let go of Lin Yiqian's hand.

    "Erm... No, thanks, I guess?" Lin Yiqian's mouth twitched.

    How would she take a picture with herself?

    Gu Nianjia thought that Lin Yiqian might have denied her offer out of a lack of confidence.

    "Don't worry. My goddess is very approachable. She doesn't have a celebrity-type attitude. I'll ask you to join us for a picture when the time comes." Gu Nianjia patted Lin Yiqian on the back as she spoke.

    "Alright then." Lin Yiqian nodded helplessly.

    Although this kid was a coward, she was a just person.

    As Lin Yiqian had woken up pretty late, she hurriedly made Gu Nianjia leave before she took a shower and got changed. As she picked a white shirt out from the closet, her gaze unintentionally glanced at the messy bed.

    A shade of pink appeared on her cheeks as she recalled what had happened the night before. Biting her lips, she returned to the closet and selected a pink sleeveless shirt before putting it on.
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