435 This Child Looks Very Much Like You

    "What kind of sickness is that?" Lin Xiaoyu did not know what kind of sickness Gu Nianshen was referring to, but he had a rough idea. "Uncle Bai Se makes sure that I don't get hurt. He says that if I get hurt and start bleeding, I will have to be taken to the hospital. Otherwise, I will die from bleeding too much."

    Gu Nianshen was stunned by what he heard.

    This little jerk really did have coagulopathy.

    As he stared at Xiaoyu's face, which was full of tears, he could empathize with the fear Xiaoyu was feeling.

    'It doesn't matter where your wound is, Nianshen. If you start bleeding, you must go to the hospital so that the doctors can stop the bleeding. Otherwise, you will lose all your blood. Do you understand?'

    Seeing how Gu Nianshen was frozen, the little fellow became even more afraid. "Daddy, will I die?" Xiaoyu clung onto Gu Nianshen's hand.

    Snapping out of his memory, Gu Nianshen's focus returned to Xiaoyu's hand. "Little jerks don't die so easily," he answered, annoyed.

    "Qi Shaodong, take us to the Shanghai Hospital," Gu Nianshen said firmly.

    "Alright." Qi Shaodong immediately got into the car and turned on the engine.

    Meanwhile, the little fellow was still staring at his bleeding hand. His face was pale while his body continued to shake.

    Gu Nianshen tried to distract him by striking up a conversation. "How did you get hurt?"

    "I wanted to peel an apple for Daddy and wait for you back there," Xiaoyu said with a sniff as he pointed out the window.

    Due to his poor Chinese language skill, coupled with his muffled voice, he sounded even more childish.

    Gu Nianshen could not help but soften his voice. "Didn't I tell you not to come looking for me?"

    Holding a pair of pliers, Gu Nianshen carefully dabbed at Xiaoyu's wound with a cotton bud dipped in the hemostatic ointment.

    "I miss Daddy." Lin Xiaoyu suddenly hugged Gu Nianshen around his waist.

    His voice was extremely soft and gentle.

    Gu Nianshen could not help but lower his guard.

    However, he still felt a sense of guilt. This was not how things should have progressed.

    After crying for a while, the little fellow fell asleep in Gu Nianshen's arms. As soon as the car stopped in front of the hospital's emergency unit, Gu Nianshen opened the door and carried Xiaoyu out of the car before running into the building.


    After over ten minutes and with the help of two doctors, the little fellow's wound had finally stopped bleeding.

    During this time, Lin Xiaoyu did not stop asking if he would die. He only stopped talking after the bleeding had stopped.

    Now, he was sitting on Qi Shaodong's lap as he carefully touched the bandage around his injured hand.

    After one of the doctors, who was a female, had left, there was only one male doctor left. He was one of Gu Nianshen's close friends, Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen washed his hand before returning to Gu Nianshen's side as they both observed Lin Xiaoyu.

    "This sickness... Is it hereditary?" Gu Nianshen suddenly asked as he turned to look at Lu Chen.

    Gu Nianshen had just realized that he had never thought of this problem. He never once considered the fact that he and Lin Yiqian's children might have the same sickness.

    "It is hereditary," Lu Chen answered firmly before returning Gu Nianshen's gaze. "However, if a man has this sickness, he would only pass it on to his daughter but not his son directly. Clearly, this kid's mother has the same sickness as well."

    After that, Lu Chen held Gu Nianshen's arm before pulling him to the corner. "I'm just curious. Where did you meet this woman? It's such a coincidence." Lu Chen chuckled.
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