439 Be A Professional Son

    "I'll contact Gu Nianshen right away."

    "Bai Se," Lin Yiqian said just as Bai Se was about to hang up.

    "Is there anything else?"

    "Why not..." Lin Yiqian began to speak as tears appeared in her eyes. Her hands balled into fists as she held her breath momentarily. "Perhaps you should bring Xiaoyu back to America."

    Bai Se remained silent for a long while.

    "Let's talk about this after I pick Xiaoyu up," he said calmly.


    After hanging up, Lin Yiqian tossed her phone onto the passenger seat as she rested both arms on the driving wheel while she stared straight ahead.

    There was a look of melancholy and guilt in her eyes.

    'Xiaoyu, what must mother do to make him fall in love with me? What must I do so that I won't lose you? What must I do so that Daddy doesn't hate Mommy?' Lin Yiqian wondered to herself.

    Gu Nianshen and Xi Xia were the publicly acknowledged couple. Xi Xia was the one who wore his proposal bracelet.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian knew Gu Nianshen and Xi Xia liked each other, she had stolen him away anyway, at least physically.

    Gu Nianshen was the purest one amongst his group of rich friends. Most of the other guys began watching inappropriate content as young as fifteen or sixteen years old and had many girlfriends one after another. They would also carry condoms around in their bags.

    However, Gu Nianshen was the only one who adhered to a strict curfew every single day.

    Lin Yiqian was the one who forced him to betray Xi Xia. She could imagine how horrible he felt after waking up the next day.

    How could he possibly accept Xiaoyu in such a manner?

    Lin Yiqian felt extremely conflicted as she wiped her tears away and turned on the engine.


    Gu Nianshen finally received a text from Xiaoyu's family that they were coming to pick him up.

    "Come in." Gu Nianshen gave Qi Shaodong a call on his desk phone.

    By the time he put down the receiver, Qi Shaodong had already appeared by the door. "CEO."

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen turned to look at Qi Shaodong before shifting his gaze to Lin Xiaoyu who was watching a cartoon show on the couch.

    The little fellow had not noticed Gu Nianshen's gaze at all as he remained focused on the animation. His facial expression would even change according to the storyline.

    Gu Nianshen wondered what surprising scene had unfolded in the animation as Lin Xiaoyu opened his jaw widely in surprise.

    Gu Nianshen could not help but smile at Xiaoyu's adorable appearance.

    Realizing that Gu Nianshen was not going to speak, Qi Shaodong cleared his throat after a while. "CEO, is there anything I could do for you?"

    "Nothing for now." Gu Nianshen shook his head as he answered before turning his laptop off.

    He then stood up and began walking toward Lin Xiaoyu. Seeing that there were two minutes remaining of the animated series, Gu Nianshen actually waited patiently for it to finish before he spoke. "Your family is here to pick you up. I'll send you downstairs."

    Hearing this, Xiaoyu immediately seemed sad. "Is Uncle Bai Se here?" He asked with a longing gaze.

    "How am I supposed to know?" Gu Nianshen frowned.

    The text had come from an unknown number. The sender had not introduced himself.

    Although Lin Xiaoyu was unwilling to leave, he nodded obediently. "Oh."

    Picking the tablet up, Lin Xiaoyu exited from the animation and locked the tablet before putting it down.

    As the angle of the tablet was placed slightly off tangent, Xiaoyu picked it up and placed it neatly on the table yet again.

    Although it seemed like a responsible thing to do, one might think that the child suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    Gu Nianshen suddenly realized that this behavior seemed all too familiar.

    Perhaps, this little jerk had spent so much time with Lin Yiqian that he had picked up her habit.
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