441 Lin Yiqian Started I

    Gu Nianshen seemed a little lost in thought as he stared at Bai Se. After a while, Bai Se smiled calmly at Gu Nianshen.

    After recollecting himself, Gu Nianshen shifted his gaze away. "I'm giving you one final warning to look after your child properly. Otherwise, you'll be responsible for the consequences."

    "I didn't know that Mr. Gu disliked Xiaoyu this much. I'll make sure Xiaoyu won't bother you anymore," Bai Se said apologetically.

    After that, Bai Se nodded at Gu Nianshen before picking Xiaoyu up and walking away.

    Lin Xiaoyu kept his hands around Bai Se's neck as he rested his chin on Bai Se's shoulder. All the while staring at Gu Nianshen without blinking.

    Lin Xiaoyu seemed unwilling to leave as tears began to fill his eyes whilst the sunlight reflected the glimmer of his tears.

    Apart from Lin Yiqian, Gu Nianshen had never found it this difficult to turn around and walk away. That was because Gu Nianshen had never been affected by anyone else's tears.

    Once they arrived at the car, Bai Se placed Xiaoyu in the child-friendly seat before walking around to the driver's side. He then turned the engine on before driving away.


    After Bai Se's car had been driven away, Gu Nianshen suddenly recalled Lin Xiaoyu's clear voice in his mind.

    Gu Nianshen felt stunned.

    'Nianshen, I can't believe that you have lost your virginity during the summer when you were eighteen...'

    Lu Chen's words echoed in his ear as he looked away guiltily.

    Turning around, Gu Nianshen pressed the button for the lift.

    After placing some documents on Gu Nianshen's desk, Qi Shaodong walked out of the office and coincidentally bumped into Gu Nianshen.

    "CEO, would you want to have your meal brought here as usual?"

    "Yeah," Gu Nianshen answered before walking past Qi Shaodong.

    After taking a few steps forward, Gu Nianshen stopped as he turned around to face Qi Shaodong. "Nevermind."

    "Ehh? Does that mean you are eating out?" Qi Shaodong asked in surprise.

    "I'm going out for a while," Gu Nianshen said as he turned around and hastily walked out of the office with his phone in his hand.

    Meanwhile, Qi Shaodong stood with his mouth agape as Gu Nianshen passed him by. "What's going on here?" Qi Shaodong asked out loud as he wondered.


    As the school had just finished, people gathered around the food stalls in front of the school's main entrance. This was especially the case for Ming Ji's Deli, which had a long line of children queuing up.

    Whilst the boss was occupied, Gu Nianshen ignored the queue and walked directly to the front of the line.

    When the boss lifted his head up, he was stunned momentarily. "Hey, Mr. Gu!" He greeted Gu Nianshen cheerfully.

    "Two containers of dumplings without onion. Hurry up," Gu Nianshen said impatiently as the steam from the pots bothered him.

    If the boss did not hurry up, Gu Nianshen's wife would have already finished eating her lunch.

    "Please wait for a while. It's lunchtime and there's a long queue," the boss said apologetically.

    "Big brother, you shouldn't cut the queue," the children behind Gu Nianshen voiced out.

    Their eyes glistened innocently as if to tell Gu Nianshen that good children should not cut queues.

    In comparison, the little jerk seemed much more polite as he at least spoke respectfully to his elders.

    "Please hurry up. I'll come back to pick it up." Gu Nianshen gritted his teeth before turning around and walking back to his car.

    As soon as he got into the car, traffic police pulled up next to his car on a motorcycle and seemed to be issuing him a ticket.
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