444 Please Do Not Flirt With A Married Woman

    Gu Nianshen still could not figure out what was so good about Song Changlin, especially when he first transferred to their primary school. Song Changlin used to have an unpredictable temperament and would occasionally ignore Lin Yiqian. Despite that, Lin Yiqian would still tag after him.

    Lin Yiqian would even take the initiative to do homework together with Song Changlin at their house.

    Gu Nianshen had never met anyone who was as thick-skinned as Lin Yiqian.

    Knock. Knock.

    Suddenly, Gu Nianshen's thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on his car window. After snapping out of his daydream, Gu Nianshen realized that he had already finished eating the plum in his hand.

    When he looked down at the small rubbish bin in the central storage unit, there were many plum pits within.

    Knock. Knock.

    As Gu Nianshen did not roll down his window, the person outside knocked on it several times more. With a frown, Gu Nianshen finally rolled down the window.

    "Mr. Gu, your two containers of dumplings without onion are ready." The owner of the dumpling stall nodded at Gu Nianshen with a smile as he held the two containers up.

    Then, he carefully extended his hands through the open window and placed the containers on the passenger seat.

    "Oh," Gu Nianshen answered as he handed a fifty-dollar note to the owner.

    The owner was about to say there he would get the change for the amount of money paid, but Gu Nianshen had already rolled up the windows.


    Although Lin Yiqian only had time in the morning to sort out work in the Lin family's business, there was still a lot of work left for her today. She was so occupied that her forehead was pounding from a headache.

    When someone knocked on the door, she immediately felt annoyed. "Come in."

    With her permission, the person outside opened the door. As it was time for lunch, Lin Yiqian thought that it might be her secretary asking her out to eat. Before the person could speak, Lin Yiqian spoke up. "Don't worry about my lunch. Go ahead and eat on your own."

    However, there was no response even after a long while. Lin Yiqian could feel someone walking up to her as she raised her head.

    "Why are you here?" She calmed down after realizing who the person was.

    Fang Heyang was still wearing the flagship store's uniform, which was a light green colored T-shirt and a flowery cap. He was wearing his glasses again.

    This reminded Lin Yiqian of the first time he saw her. However, he no longer seemed like the quiet and studious person he once was.

    Lin Yiqian continued to work as she did not want to be behind her working schedule, which would affect her recording at the studio in the afternoon.

    That was her top priority and the most challenging part of her work right now.

    "Are you trying to fast your way into becoming a saint?" Fang Heyang asked as he walked up to Lin Yiqian.

    "Are you very free during these hours? Should I arrange for a workshop for you?" Lin Yiqian said without raising her head.

    "It's my lunch break. I have at least an hour to eat." Fang Heyang frowned.

    Lin Yiqian took her time to reply. She first replied to an email before closing her inbox and looking up at Fang Heyang. "And still you choose to roam around with your only hour for lunch?" Lin Yiqian raised her brows before picking up another folder.

    "How else would I find out that you didn't want to have lunch?" Fang Heyang raised his brows too as he stood up straight and headed to the couch. "I ordered some takeaway. It should be arriving in ten minutes."

    Fang Heyang then plopped down on the couch.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian ignored him and continued to focus on work.

    Casually, Fang Heyang began flipping through the magazines he had picked up from the coffee table.

    "I heard that Gu Nianshen has invited Catwoman to their celebration event. Is that true?" Fang Heyang asked.

    "That's right. Are you people from Fu Zhong still butt-hurt about losing?" Lin Yiqian teased.

    "Of course we are. Chief Lin, would you like to help ease the pain for me by massaging my face?" Fang Heyang extended his neck and patted his face gently in a joking manner.

    "Please do not flirt with a married woman." Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes at him.
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