445 Gu Nianshen, Youre Going Too Far

    Lin Yiqian continued to work.

    "Can you ask Mr. Gu to send me an invitation? I haven't been up close with Catwoman before," Fang Heyang said.

    "Are you setting yourself up for embarrassment?" Lin Yiqian asked without looking at him as she continued to type on her keyboard.

    "They only won because they got lucky. If we were to compare with our raw capabilities, I'm no worse than Gu Nianshen."

    "It is a fact that you've lost." Lin Yiqian shrugged as she glanced at Fang Heyang whilst she continued to type.

    "Ouch. That hurt my heart." Fang Heyang pretended to hold his chest in pain. "If I can't work efficiently in the afternoon, don't blame me. It's because of how badly you have hurt my feelings."

    Fang Heyang's constant pestering made it impossible for Lin Yiqian to focus on her work. She stopped typing and shifted her gaze to Fang Heyang.

    All of a sudden, the door to the office was opened.

    Who was it? How dare the person come in without knocking on her door?

    When Lin Yiqian saw the familiar man's figure, her jaw dropped.

    Fine. She would take her words back.

    "Why are you here?" Lin Yiqian asked with a surprised tone as she looked at Gu Nianshen. Although she was not hungry a moment ago, her appetite suddenly recovered when she saw the food packaging from Ming Ji's Deli in Gu Nianshen's hand.

    After closing the laptop, Lin Yiqian stood up and walked toward Gu Nianshen.

    Gu Nianshen was about to answer Lin Yiqian when he noticed Fang Heyang. His facial expression changed immediately.

    He was not concealing his hostility toward Fang Heyang at all.

    Meanwhile, Fang Heyang was still laying down lazily on the couch as he waved at Gu Nianshen. "Yo... Mr. Gu, why'd you come to our company in the middle of the day?"

    Our company?

    Gu Nianshen felt deeply annoyed by Fang Heyang's tone. After snorting coldly, he returned his gaze to Lin Yiqian. "Does your office allow just anyone in?"

    It was clear who Gu Nianshen was referring to.

    "He is one of our company's employees," Lin Yiqian replied annoyedly.

    Had Gu Nianshen not just gone out for dinner with his ex the night before?

    Gu Nianshen frowned. Was this idiot speaking up for the bastard?

    Gu Nianshen's facial expression darkened as he walked hastily over to Lin Yiqian and grabbed her by the wrist.

    With a strong pull, Lin Yiqian stumbled forward against Gu Nianshen's chest. Instinctively, she looked up and returned his gaze.

    Before she could react, the man had forcefully pressed his lips against hers.

    The two's lips were now completely pinned up against each other.

    Lin Yiqian's eyes widened in surprise at Gu Nianshen's act of kissing her in front of someone else.

    After staring at him for a while, she blinked several times.

    "Ehh... My food hasn't even arrived and I already have to deal with all this lovey-dovey action," Fang Heyang said lazily as he stood up and chucked his hands into his pockets.

    Fang Heyang leisurely walked past Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian as he headed toward the exit, even making sure to stop next to Gu Nianshen and offering a wry smile before he proceeded to leave.

    Once Fang Heyang had left, Gu Nianshen let go of Lin Yiqian. However, he very quickly grabbed her wrist once again. "Are you aware that you are a married housewife?" He asked through gritted teeth.

    Lin Yiqian returned his stare with an innocent facial expression.

    It made Gu Nianshen want to bite her to death.

    What did this fellow just call her? A married housewife? Lin Yiqian pointed at Gu Nianshen as she shouted, "Gu Nianshen, you're going too far! Say that again!"

    He had actually said she was a married housewife.

    "Have I said something wrong?" Gu Nianshen snorted. "Do you still think you are an unmarried young lady?"

    Provoked, Lin Yiqian used both hands to push against Gu Nianshen's chest so that he was forced to back off. "In that case, are you aware that you are a married man?"
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