446 Let Me Hug You For A While

    Why would Gu Nianshen not remember that he was already married? Why did he still appear in public whilst wearing a matching couple outfit with his ex?

    Why did he hire people to say good things about his ex on the internet?

    Based on her own experience in being popular on the internet, Lin Yiqian was certain that Gu Nianshen must have hired someone to spam positive comments on posts related to Xi Xia.

    He must have been worried that Xi Xia might not be able to bear all the negative comments on the internet. That was why he had hired people to protect her.

    "What have I done?" Gu Nianshen asked.

    'Hehe! He's still acting dumb.'

    Perhaps he was not acting dumb. Perhaps, all this while, he considered what he did for Xi Xia to be normal. He and Xi Xia were different from the rest.

    Nevermind. Lin Yiqian had already allowed him to sleep with her. There was no point in digging up the past.

    "You didn't do anything," Lin Yiqian said as she waved her hand dismissively.

    However, she was still feeling uncomfortable as she lowered her gaze and returned to her desk.

    "Eat these." Gu Nianshen followed after her and placed the bag in his hand on the desk.

    Lin Yiqian placed her hands on her hips as she scanned the containers of dumplings. "Why did you suddenly buy me dumplings?" She asked curiously.

    In truth, she wanted to ask why he was being so nice and had even bought her food.

    "The shop happened to be on my way here," Gu Nianshen answered in a huff before walking back to the couch.

    As he plopped down on the couch, he picked up the magazine Fang Heyang had flipped through and began to read it.

    Lin Yiqian nodded as she murmured a soft 'oh' and shrugged as she smiled.

    At least he thought of her enough to bring the dumplings over. Was that not good enough?

    All of a sudden, the unhappiness Lin Yiqian felt earlier faded away.

    Lin Yiqian smiled as she laughed at herself silently. She would perhaps not find an ounce of pride in herself in this lifetime as long as she was with this man. Any slight warmth from him through a softened gaze could easily cause her to succumb to him willingly.

    As Lin Yiqian pondered, she retrieved the container of dumplings from the bag. As soon as she opened the box, her body trembled from surprise.

    That was because she could not smell the scent of onion, which proved that Gu Nianshen had waited at least twenty minutes for the dumplings to be made on the spot.

    Lin Yiqian could not help but glance over in the direction of the couch.

    What happened?

    Gu Nianshen was now lying flat on the couch with a hand to his stomach. His face was pale and his brows were furrowed as if he were in pain.

    Shocked, Lin Yiqian put the chopsticks down and ran over to him. "Gu Nianshen, what happened to you?"

    As she kneeled next to him, she placed a hand over his back and rubbed it gently.

    "I'm fine." Gu Nianshen shook his head.

    It sounded as if he had to use a lot of strength to speak. Clearly, he was lying about being fine. Lin Yiqin held on to his hand nervously only to find that his hand had turned cold.

    "I'm taking you to the hospital."

    Lin Yiqian stood up as she attempted to help Gu Nianshen stand.

    Suddenly, Gu Nianshen rolled over and grabbed Lin Yiqian forcefully by her wrist and pulled her down over his body.

    Lin Yiqian was stunned for a second before she looked up into Gu Nianshen's dark eyes. "Gu Nianshen."

    Possibly due to the pain, Gu Nianshen felt so weak that he had to peer his eyes.

    He smiled a little.

    "Lin Yiqian, let me hug you for a while."

    Gu Nianshen's voice cracked as he attempted to speak in a weak voice.

    Gradually, he closed his eyes.

    Lin Yiqian felt equally pained. Concerned that she might be putting too much pressure on his body, she used her arms to support her weight. "Nianshen, can we please go to the hospital if you're not feeling alright?" She asked as she cupped his face with her palms.

    "No." Gu Nianshen shook his head with his eyes closed.
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