450 Nothing In The World Feels Better Than Hugging Gu Nianshen

    However, when Li Yiqian heard such words while being hugged by Gu Nianshen, she felt as if she were being adored like a little child.

    Lin Yiqian was unable to find the words to express the joy she felt inside. All she could do was hug him even more tightly.

    For Lin Yiqian, nothing in the world felt better than hugging Gu Nianshen.

    It was a dream come true for Lin Yiqian to be this close to him, feeling her skin against his white shirt and the heat from his body, all the while listening to his heart beating.

    Gu Nianshen could feel Lin Yiqian's arms tightening around him. "Not letting me go?" He chuckled.

    As he looked down at her head and her long silky hair, Gu Nianshen could not help but gently rub the top of her head.

    Gu Nianshen's voice was so soft and gentle. Lin Yiqian nodded as she took it all in without saying a word.

    Finally, Lin Yiqian unwillingly let go of Gu Nianshen. When she raised her head, she noticed that Gu Nianshen's face was still very pale. "You don't look very well. Let me take you to the hospital," she said worriedly.

    As she spoke, she took him by the hand and began walking to the door.

    "No. I'll stop by Lu Chen's hospital on the way home." Gu Nianshen pulled her back to him.

    He then let go of Lin Yiqian's hand and adjusted his shirt.

    "Has Lu Chen graduated from medical school already?" Lin Yiqian asked in surprise.

    Lu Chen and Song Changlin were in the same batch in school. The two also had a very good relationship with each other. Back then, Lu Chen's dream was to become a doctor. Later on, he had managed to get into the best medical school in the country.

    When Lin Yiqian left the country, he was already in his second year at university. Five years later, he would have graduated long ago if he had not continued pursuing his doctorate.

    "He was already in his second year when you left. Five years have passed," Gu Nianshen said in a huff.

    The words 'five years' were like knives stabbed into Lin Yiqian's heart. "Yeah... It's been five years." She sighed.

    Looking back, it felt as if it was only yesterday they were all gathered together. However, throughout the last five years, Lin Yiqian felt that time had passed very slowly in each of the one thousand and eight hundred days.

    Gu Nianshen was somewhat suspicious of the fact that Lin Yiqian did not know about Lu Chen's graduation. "Didn't Song Changlin tell you that Lu Chen has become a doctor?"

    In all honesty, Lu Chen was the only person who could get along with Song Changlin and become part of his life.

    In the past five years, Lin Yiqian had been with Song Changlin, had he never mentioned Lu Chen to her?

    "Why would he tell me?" Lin Yiqian asked with a frown.

    She sounded calm and almost as if it was normal for Song Changlin not to tell her about Lu Chen.

    The more Gu Nianshen thought about Lin Yiqian's words, the happier he became.

    After Lin Yiqian had sat down, he probed further, "Didn't he return for Lu Chen's graduation ceremony? How could you not know?"

    It was impossible that she would not know when Song Changlin had returned to the country.

    If she did not know, that meant Song Changlin must have used an excuse to hide the truth from her.

    'See, he didn't even tell you that he returned to the country. He's not honest to you at all and doesn't care about you all that much.' Gu Nianshen thought.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian rested her arms on the side of the chairs as she tilted her head at Gu Nianshen. Why did she sense he was trying to draw attention to something about Song Changlin that was negative?

    Was she picking up on the wrong signals?

    Feeling seen through, Gu Nianshen hurriedly changed the topic. "I'm leaving. Get home early tonight," he said firmly before turning around and walking quickly out of the room.

    Once Gu Nianshen had walked out of the room, Lin Yiqian replied with an 'oh'.

    Was 'oh' the only response this fool was capable of?
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