451 To Control A Man, One Must First Sleep With Him

    However, Gu Nianshen still found Lin Yiqian adorable for her obedient behavior.

    After taking another glance at Lin Yiqian, he closed the door behind him.

    'Isn't he silly? I wasn't even in the same city as Song Changlin.' Lin Yiqian laughed to herself.

    Not long after Gu Nianshen had left, Na Wa returned to the room as she had completed the VCR recording.

    For the sake of the VCR recording, she was given additional touches to her make-up, which made her lips even redder. It also looked as if her collar had been tugged at, which now revealed one side of her shoulders.

    "Has your husband left?" Na Wa asked disappointedly after glancing at the couch.

    "Yes, my husband has left." Lin Yiqian nodded as she accentuated the word 'husband' through gritted teeth.

    At least this lustful woman was aware that Gu Nianshen was her husband.

    "Oh." Na Wa adjusted her shirt properly as she resumed her usual posture and tone of voice. "This man really is proud."

    "That's for sure." Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes at Na Wa.

    Gu Nianshen was her husband after all.

    As Lin Yiqian had shifted her attention back to work, Na Wa walked over to her and leaned over the desk with a sly smile. "Have you slept with him?"

    Lin Yiqian lifted her head and gave Na Wa a deadly glare. "Do I look like someone completely incapable of that?"

    This clearly meant she had slept with her husband. Na Wa seemed excited almost immediately. "When you did it, were you or him on top? Does he work out every single day? How are his skills?"

    Could this fellow talk about a more appropriate topic?

    The government has been clamping down on adult content lately. Was it really a good idea to talk about such things openly?

    Lin Yiqian was speechless as she stared at Na Wa's face.

    "He seems like a very devoted person. The best way to control a man is to sleep with him first," Na Wa continued.

    "That sounds like something you'd say about every other man," Lin Yiqian said expressionlessly.

    Even if the man were a playboy, she would still say that one must sleep with him first.

    Her only method of dealing with men was to sleep with them.

    "Is that so?" Na Wa blinked innocently as she changed the topic. "I'm leaving tomorrow. Please remember to bring my little baby Xiaoyu over for dinner tonight."

    "He's getting fatter," Lin Yiqian said.

    If he ate anymore, he would become a fat fish.

    "Why does he get fat so easily?" Na Wa frowned. "Look at me. I can't get fat no matter what I eat," she said as she spun around.

    "Go to hell!"

    Lin Yiqian hated people like Na Wa who would never get fat despite not having a strict diet.

    It was especially tough during high school when puberty hit. Even if Lin Yiqian ate a little extra food, it would show. Nobody knew how much she had to sacrifice in order to appear perfect in public.

    Whenever Lin Yiqian wanted to eat supper, she would think of Xi Xia who was tall and lean. That was how she had stopped herself from eating.

    "Was his Daddy fat as a child?" Na Wa asked suddenly.

    "I don't know. When I met him, he was already thin." Lin Yiqian shook her head.

    Not only was he thin, but he was also short. He was always the shortest among his group of friends.

    It was no wonder that he could not pee as far as the rest.

    "Perhaps Xiaoyu is like his father. He'd be fat as a child but as he grows older he would become lean and very handsome."

    "That is with certainty." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    "I like our fat little Xiaoyu a lot. What should I do?" Na Wa beamed with a motherly aura. She wished she could pinch Xiaoyu's plump cheeks right now.
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