452 Im Only Interested In My Husband

    Lin Yiqian curled her fingers into fists almost as if she was having a stroke.

    "Hurry up and give birth to a child of your own. Do it while you're still young." Lin Yiqian looked at Na Wa as she spoke.

    "Yeah. I'll do it when I meet a handsome man." Na Wa nodded.

    'Which man did you sleep with who was not handsome?' Lin Yiqian felt the urge to ask.

    Nearly every single man Na Wa had slept with was on the top lists of handsome men. She did not appreciate her good fortune at all.

    Lin Yiqian refused to speak to her about this any further.

    "I'm going to the recording studio. Do you want to come along?"

    Na Wa shook her head. "Nah. I don't want to see Diqlo. Although the Star Films Alliance may seem like they are doing well on the outside, they are actually going downhill. You should terminate your contract with them as soon as possible."

    Na Wa seemed serious when work was being discussed.

    Lin Yiqian was slightly surprised by Na Wa's response. "Indeed. I have already mentioned to Bai Se that we will terminate the contract once the current series ends."

    Lin Yiqian initially wanted to warn Na Wa about this. She was surprised that Na Wa had already seen through it on her own.

    However, it was not all that surprising. Na Wa came from a poor family and had managed to work her way to fame and success in the industry. Apart from being able to work hard and tolerate hardship, perhaps, more importantly, Na Wa had a high-functioning brain. Lin Yiqian could not think of anyone smarter than Na Wa in all the people she had met.

    The fact that Na Wa could make her boyfriends get along with each other...

    Not only would they greet each other politely when they met, but they could also even sit down for meals together.

    It was definitely something worth bragging about.

    "Yeah." Na Wa began to joke around again. "Now that you have such a capable husband, you should charm him with your beauty so that you don't have to work this hard anymore."

    Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes without responding to what Na Wa said.

    "Does Bai Se know people from Night Forest?" Na Wa suddenly asked.

    "Do you mean Night Forest Kingdom?" Lin Yiqian raised her brows.

    "Yes." Na Wa nodded.

    "I don't know. I've never heard him mention it before. What's up?" Lin Yiqian shook her head confusedly.

    There were many rumors about Night Forest Kingdom. Some claimed that they held significant power in the mafia system.

    However, in reality, they also invest in many legitimate industries. Over the past few years, they had also begun taking up stakes in the entertainment industry.

    As Lin Yiqian was only a singer and not an actress, she did not pay extra attention to such news.

    "Perhaps it was a coincidence. I was at the director's place the other day and saw him talking to the vice director of Night Forest Kingdom."

    "It was probably a coincidence." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    Although Lin Yiqian too felt curious, Bai Se was someone she could not fully understand even after knowing him for such a long time.

    Sometimes, she would think that Bai Se was the person she perceived on the surface and the way he spoke of himself. However, if she pondered carefully, it did not always seem that simple.

    Perhaps it was because she had never questioned anything for the last few years and instead simply went with the flow.

    "Rumor has it that the current director of Night Forest Kingdom is very young. I heard that his first objective is to take over Star Films." Na Wa began to gossip.

    "Oh." Lin Yiqian was not interested at all.

    It seemed normal to Lin Yiqian for a young boss who was capable of taking over a film company.

    Na Wa felt deflated by Lin Yiqian's lack of interest. "Why aren't you interested in men at all?"

    "I am. I am very interested in my husband," Lin Yiqian answered with a serious expression.

    In fact, Lin Yiqian was a woman who focused on her work in the day and thought of how to sleep with her husband at night.

    She would constantly find ways to make her husband interested in herself.

    "Boring!" Na Wa said.
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