455 The Best Uncle In The World

    "Are you alright?" Song Changlin asked.

    Lin Yiqian was still in shock as she stared at Song Changlin's face. He then repeated the question in a softer tone.

    As usual, his smile was calm and reassuring.

    Lin Yiqian hurriedly shook his hand free of her wrist before taking a polite step backward. "Thank you," she said calmly.

    "Catwoman, are you okay?" Bai Se ran over nervously as he looked Lin Yiqian up and down.

    "I'm fine now." Lin Yiqian shook her head.

    When she took a sneak peek at Song Changlin, she noticed that he was no longer looking at her and was instead looking down at his phone.

    It seemed that he had not recognized her.

    Once the lift arrived, Lin Yiqian was the first to enter while Bai Se followed after her. The loft apartment here was actually bought by Bai Se under Na Wa's name and was the presidential suite located on the twenty-eighth floor.

    After Bai Se had pressed the button, Song Changlin slowly followed after them into the lift. Lin Yiqian observed as he pressed on the button for the twenty-seventh floor.

    Her heart sank.

    He actually lived right beneath them.

    Nervously, Lin Yiqian looked at Song Changlin's face. He had not noticed her and was still looking down at his phone.

    It seemed that he had not detected anything strange at all.

    But why was he here?

    Did his friend live on the twenty-seventh floor?

    "Could you sign this for me?"

    Lin Yiqian was still silently observing Song Changlin when he suddenly turned his head around to smile at her.

    When he smiled, he looked very much like Gu Nianshen.

    They both had equally mysterious-looking eyes.

    Lin Yiqian was stunned for a moment before she expressed her shock from being offered such a request from Song Changlin.

    Sensing her confusion, Song Changlin looked somewhat embarrassed. "My niece likes you a lot. If it doesn't trouble you, could you sign this for me?"

    It was for Gu Nianjia after all. Lin Yiqian knew he was not the type of person who went after idols.

    "Alright..." Lin Yiqian smiled and nodded.

    He really was the best uncle in the world.

    Meanwhile, Song Changlin had reached out with a piece of Post-It note along with a pen he had fished out from his pocket.

    Lin Yiqian smiled as she looked at the pen and paper.

    After all these years, his habit of carrying pen and paper around still remained.

    From the time they became acquainted, Song Changlin had already developed this habit. Although Lin Yiqian never asked him the reason why he did so, she felt that something must have influenced him to do so.

    After accepting the pen and paper, Lin Yiqian promptly signed on the paper and handed it back to Song Changlin with both hands.

    "Thank you." Song Changlin received it politely.

    As the number on the lift's screen changed from twenty-six to twenty-seven, Lin Yiqian blurted out a question. "Do you live here?"

    Ding. The lift stopped on the twenty-seventh floor.

    "I stay here sometimes." Song Changlin turned his head around and smiled at Lin Yiqian as he took a step toward the door.

    Once the door opened, he looked away from Lin Yiqian and walked out.

    'He stays here sometimes...' Lin Yiqian reflected.

    That meant he owned the place.

    Actually, it was not all that strange. Song Changlin liked quiet environments after all. Besides, he was also an insecure person. Therefore, it made sense for him to pick an affluent area like this place to purchase properties.

    "Miss Catwoman, we've arrived," Bai Se said after Lin Yiqian zoned out whilst leaning against the wall of the lift.

    "Oh." Lin Yiqian nodded as she followed Bai Se out of the lift.

    "Was that man earlier Song Changlin?" Bai Se suddenly turned around and asked.
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