456 Song Changlins Painful Pas

    Lin Yiqian was hardly surprised that Bai Se would know Song Changlin. That was because when she was studying in America, Song Changlin had visited her twice and Bai Se had observed them in secret.

    "Yeah." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    "He seems nearly as nice as your husband, and perhaps like you just as much." Bai Se joked.

    Lin Yiqian did not answer him and instead hastened her speed of walking until she surpassed him.

    Lin Yiqian grew up with Song Changlin, but she had never spoken about him to anyone else. She would also definitely not allow anybody the opportunity to criticize him.

    This was because she knew all about Song Changlin's painful past.

    Lin Yiqian witnessed how he had slowly changed over time. To this day, he had finally become someone who was willing to smile at others and show his emotions.


    Due to Gu Nianshen's reminder for Lin Yiqian to return home early, she spent very little time chatting with Na Wa after dinner and decided to get going.

    With Na Wa around, Lin Xiaoyu did not mind Lin Yiqian leaving.

    After taking off her Catwoman's outfit, Lin Yiqian changed into the pink dress she left home earlier in the morning. She also put on a beach hat as well as a pair of sunglasses as she proceeded to leave in her own identity.

    As the loft was a single-story apartment, and they also had surveillance cameras they installed on their own, it was very safe.

    After getting into the lift, she pressed on the button to the first floor. The lift moved for a short while before stopping on the twenty-seventh floor.

    'Crap. Song Changlin is on this floor.'

    When the lift door opened, Lin Yiqian hurriedly looked down. With her phone in her hand, she pretended to be looking at it.

    The first thing she noticed about the person entering the lift was the white Chanel running shoes. The shoes belonged to Gu Nianjia.

    As Lin Yiqian's gaze slowly moved upward, she saw a dark green purse from Life. It was her own personal gift to Gu Nianjia. There was no doubt about it now.

    What were the odds of them bumping into each other at this hour?

    In the morning, this little coward had even complimented Lin Yiqian for her pink dress. It was a limited edition dress.

    Indeed, what Lin Yiqian worried about came true. Gu Nianjia recognized her from her dress after all.

    "Lin Yiqian, why are you here?" Gu Nianjia asked in her usual tone.

    That was enough proof that Gu Nianjia was certain of Lin Yiqian's identity. Lin Yiqian had no choice but to lift her head confidently as she adjusted her mental state right away.

    "Why are you here?" Lin Yiqian acted surprised as she removed her sunglasses.

    "My youngest uncle's apartment is here. Didn't you know?" Gu Nianjia pointed out of the lift.

    "No, I didn't." Lin Yiqian shook her head. "One of my clients lives here. I came for a business meeting."

    "It's so late already. What kind of client would trouble you, Mrs. Gu, to visit them personally?" Gu Nianjia asked suspiciously.

    Even Lin Yiqian felt that her excuse was not believable.

    However, Lin Yiqian could not think of a better excuse. "I may seem to have a lot of power as Mrs. Gu. But, in reality, I hardly have any. In order to make a living, I'd have to go even if my client asks me to meet at the cemetery."

    "To meet ghosts at the cemetery, you mean." Gu Nianjia frowned.

    That was too daring of an example. Was Lin Yiqian not afraid of ghosts coming after her?

    A sly smile appeared on Lin Yiqian's face. "Did your youngest uncle purchase a unit here?" Lin Yiqian changed the topic.

    She seemed surprised as if she really did not know Song Changlin had bought a house here.

    "Did you really not know?" Gu Nianjia still sounded skeptical.
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