468 Has The Kid Not Been Around Lately?

    An image of the kid Song Changwen bumped into at the airport immediately appeared in her mind. She reached for the photo album to take a closer look.

    "Do you think it might be..." Aunt Zhou paused as she glanced at the entrance. "The kid keeps following Nianshen around while calling him his 'Daddy' and Lin Yiqian his 'Mommy'. Little Yi says that the kid likes Nianshen a lot and insists that he becomes his father. That's why she had allowed him to call her Mommy too. I'm thinking if Nianshen might know..." Aunt Zhou continued with a more cautious tone.

    "Stop making assumptions." Song Changwen cut Aunt Zhou off as she knew what was being implied.

    Aunt Zhou nodded. "I don't think Nianshen is that type of person either."

    However, after taking another look at the photo, she could not help but think that the child really did look a lot like Gu Nianshen.

    Song Changwen closed the photo album and shoved it into her purse. She intended to take it with her.

    After that, she unintentionally caught sight of a blue miniature race car underneath the television. There was even a remote controller next to it.

    "Has the kid not been around lately?" Song Changwen turned to look at Aunt Zhou as her facial expression softened.

    "Yeah." Aunt Zhou chuckled. "It's been a few days. I heard that his family returned. When he was here, it was very lively in the house. Now that he is gone, it's become quiet again."

    From the way Aunt Zhou spoke about Xiaoyu, Song Changwen could tell that she liked Xiaoyu a lot, which made Song Changwen feel even more curious about Xiaoyu.

    "Have you ever seen his mother?" Song Changwen asked.

    "His mother has never been here. I've asked him about it and he said that his mother forbade him from telling anyone about her. It's rather mysterious." Aunt Zhou shook her head.

    "What kind of person would allow their child to stay with another family for a few days?"

    "Moreover, I can't believe Gu Nianshen would bring a stranger's child home," Song Changwen said suspiciously.

    Based on Gu Nianshen's personality alone, it was unlikely that he would allow a stranger's child to live with him in the house.

    Normally, he would even be annoyed by his own niece and nephew who stayed over for only one or two days.

    "Don't you think it's odd?" Aunt Zhou asked after sensing that Song Changwen may have begun to feel suspicious.

    "Has Nianshen not told you anything at all?" Song Changwen asked after pursing her lips for a while.

    "Nothing at all. I bet he's too scared to tell me." Aunt Zhou shook her head.

    "Would he be scared of Lin Yiqian?" Song Changwen frowned.

    She came off a little too strong.

    As Lin Yiqian happened to be entering, she overheard Song Changwen's sentence. Her heart jolted as she came to a halt.

    Subconsciously, she began to ponder who Song Changwen was talking about who would be afraid of her.

    Could it be Gu Nianshen?

    At first, Lin Yiqian intended to eavesdrop by the door. However, the housekeeper had already parked her car and was walking in from the outside.

    "Miss, why are you standing here?"

    Lin Yiqian wondered if the housekeeper was trying to expose her.

    Knowing that her plan of eavesdropping would fail with certainty, Lin Yiqian immediately smiled and walked proudly into the living room.

    Although Lin Yiqian was still far away from Song Changwen who sat in the center of the couch, she could already feel the latter's strong presence.

    "Mother, you're here," Lin Yiqian called out with a smile.

    Aunt Zhou immediately stopped talking as she stood up. "Little Yi, you're home."

    Lin Yiqian nodded at Aunt Zhou before shifting her gaze back to Song Changwen.

    As usual, Song Changwen looked at Lin Yiqian with a cold stare without saying a word. She then looked down as if still thinking about something.

    Having expected this kind of attitude from Song Changwen, Lin Yiqian did not feel affected at all.
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