470 Wife Over Mother

    "You're organizing the celebration event in a few days, aren't you? Make sure you take care of Xiaxia when she's there." Song Changwen changed the topic.

    "It's going to be too crowded and noisy over there. Why would you let her go?" Gu Nianshen replied with a frown.

    "How could you leave her all alone at home while you people go out and have fun?" Song Changwen frowned. "The doctor said that the most important thing is that she needs to remain cheerful. Besides, she grew up with Nanmu and Wuyue. They all get along just fine."

    "In that case, it's better if you speak to Li Nanmu directly. I'm sure he would be willing to look after her," Gu Nianshen said without hesitation.

    He sounded completely emotionless, which made Song Changwen feel that he really meant for her to approach Li Nanmu on her own.

    "Nianshen, you really are..." Song Changwen stared at Gu Nianshen suspiciously.

    Knowing what she would ask, Gu Nianshen smiled before replying with a serious tone. "Mother, I am married."

    Song Changwen was stunned speechless when she saw Gu Nianshen's serious facial expression.

    "Are you going to stay here for the night?" Gu Nianshen asked. "If you are not going to stay here, you should go home now. It's getting late," he added before Song Changwen could answer him.

    Gu Nianshen then raised his brows at Song Changwen.

    As Song Changwen was a smart woman, and also someone who often prioritized the bigger picture in any situation, she decided to stop pushing Gu Nianshen's buttons. "You are a terrible son for putting your wife over your mother."

    "I'm just doing what you asked of me so that you can have grandchildren as soon as possible," Gu Nianshen said in a seemingly naive way.

    As the topic of grandchildren was brought up, Song Changwen immediately recalled what she had talked about with Aunt Zhou a while ago. "Tell me, do you really have an illegitimate child?" Song Changwen moved closer to Gu Nianshen before whispering into his ear.

    "Do you believe in rumors?" Gu Nianshen looked at Song Changwen speechlessly before placing his hands over his knees and standing up.

    He was going upstairs.

    "The child is rather adorable though," Song Changwen said with a hint of disappointment.


    Whilst scrolling through Weibo, Lin Yiqian could hear the sound of the door being opened. Frightened, she immediately put her phone away and hid under the covers.

    Gu Nianshen happened to have entered the room at the moment she pulled the duvet over her head. He thought she was doing something under there, which prompted him to walk over and tug at the duvet gently.

    "What are you doing?" He asked.

    However, Lin Yiqian refused to budge. "I'm going to sleep. I'm so tired." Lin Yiqian pretended to yawn.

    However, it seemed far too fake.

    Gu Nianshen immediately had a thought as he moved closer to Lin Yiqian. "Are you afraid?" He jeered.

    Perhaps, she was still feeling intimidated from what had happened the night before.

    Lin Yiqian immediately raised her voice as she pulled the duvet closer to her body. "I just want to sleep earlier tonight," she said decisively.

    'This idiot!' Gu Nianshen shook his head as he thought.

    Even if she did not say it so blatantly, he would not touch her tonight. Did she really think of him as a beast?

    Worried that Lin Yiqian might suffocate herself under the duvet, he decided to stop teasing her. "You can sleep first. I'm going to be in a video conference in the study room."

    Lin Yiqian finally sighed in relief as she peeked her head out from the duvet. "Alright." She nodded.

    As she had only just finished putting on her face mask, there was still a lot of moisture left in her skin. Her face seemed extraordinarily radiant.

    Gu Nianshen hurriedly stood up and turned around.
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