472 Calling Gu Nianshen His Ancestor Is For Nothing

    "She really is elegant. She has a great body too." The girls nodded along.

    "I really want to hear her speak. I wonder what her speaking voice sounds like. Would it be just as pleasant as her singing voice?" They could not take their eyes off of Lin Yiqian.

    "Of course, she sounds even better than when she sings," Gu Nianjia added. Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian had already made her way into the villa.

    There was a buffet set up in the living room of the villa. Nearly all of the participants were her friends from school, including a few juniors in her year.

    However, most of them who were able to make it to the event would need to have some very powerful connections.

    Every single person in the room was dressed in branded attire, each looking dashingly handsome and beautiful.

    As soon as Lin Yiqian walked through the door, all eyes were on her. Calmly, she made her way toward the stairs.

    "Hey, you guys. The section upstairs is the waiting area for VIP guests. You can't go there without permission." Apart from Gu Nianjia, the girls were all stopped by the security when they tried to head upstairs.

    After leaving the girls behind, Gu Nianjia hurriedly ran after Lin Yiqian. "Goddess, wait for me."

    With Gu Nianjia behind her, Lin Yiqian made it to the second floor. When she turned around the corner, she bumped into a familiar group of men.

    In the lead was Li Nanmu, followed by Qi Wuyue, Qin Feng, and two other familiar faces. However, Lin Yiqian could not recall their names.

    When Li Nanmu saw Catwoman, he blinked several times to make sure he was not mistaken.

    After recovering from the shock, he calmed himself down before politely nodding at Lin Yiqian. "Miss Catwoman, it's a pleasure to have invited you to join our celebration event.

    'If not for my husband, and the one and a half billion I'm being paid, I wouldn't even be here.' Lin Yiqian thought as she smiled without saying a word.

    Just as she turned around and was about to leave, Li Nanmu suddenly grabbed her by her elbow. "Miss Catwoman."

    Lin Yiqian lowered her gaze as she glanced at Li Nanmu's hand.

    Despite it being a brief glance, everyone could feel a staleness in the air.

    Li Nanmu's smile froze as he quickly let go of Lin Yiqian before smiling at her. "You must remember me. We even shook hands at Life's event in the capital."

    The one time they shook hands, Li Nanmu ended up having to call Gu Nianshen his ancestor.

    If Catwoman did not remember him, it would mean that him calling Gu Nianshen his ancestor was for nothing.

    "I don't remember," Lin Yiqian replied nonchalantly in English.

    She then looked away from his face and began walking elegantly toward her own room.

    After a few seconds of silence, Qin Feng and the group of men behind Li Nanmu started laughing out loudly.

    "How embarrassing."

    "Mister Li, it seems like you are not charming enough. Only our Mr. Gu was able to get Catwoman to attend our event."

    Despite the jeering, Li Nanmu appeared unfazed.

    However, Qi Wuyue seemed slightly upset. "Don't follow after me. You embarrass me." He warned Li Nanmu.

    Then, Qi Wuyue began walking down the stairs in a huff.

    "If you're so full of pride, don't ever come up here." Li Nanmu snorted.

    Did Qi Wuyue not try to get close to Catwoman before?

    After insulting Qi Wuyue, Li Nanmu shifted his gaze back to Lin Yiqian who had already walked far away.

    Right then, Gu Nianjia finally spoke after observing them for a long while. "Brother Nanmu, my goddess is very cold and distant."
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