473 Xiaoyu Nearly Died From Bleeding

    Gu Nianjia moved closer to Li Nanmu before reminding him with a smile.

    Her goddess belonged to her uncle. Nobody else should try to take her away.

    "I'll have my way one day," Li Nanmu said as if forgetting the embarrassment he had faced just a moment ago.

    He then looked away from Lin Yiqian to Gu Nianjia. "Where's your brother?"

    "How am I supposed to know? Shouldn't I be the one asking you?" Gu Nianjia snorted.

    She then made a funny face at the group of men before running after Lin Yiqian.

    Like Gu Nianshen and the others, Lin Yiqian's waiting room had a view of the ocean.

    Upon arriving at the door, her assistant opened it for her. She was about to step in when her phone suddenly began ringing.

    When she saw that it was a call from Bai Se, she picked up the call without hesitation.

    "Your son is really capable. I have left him at home and he has managed to get out on his own. I just saw him at the entrance." Bai Se sounded perplexed.


    'How did the kid find his way here?'

    Lin Yiqian's eyes were wide with surprise. How was a kid who was barely five years old capable of leaving the house on his own and finding his own means of transport?

    She dared not think of what might have happened during the journey.

    "Is he at the entrance right now?" Lin Yiqian said after calming herself down.


    "Okay, get ready with the change of clothes. I'll go looking for him in a bit." Lin Yiqian sighed helplessly.

    It seemed that controlling the little jerk was becoming increasingly difficult.

    The possibility of exposing themselves was only a matter of time.

    "Alright," Bai Se said.


    Lin Xiaoyu was wearing a pink t-shirt and a light blue pair of jeans with straps as he carried a small Gucci backpack on his back. Sitting on the stairs, he carefully observed each person who walked past him.

    Why was he not able to see Daddy or Mommy?

    He was feeling a little hungry already.

    As he rubbed his belly, he pouted as he looked into the distance.

    "Beautiful Grandmother."

    Surprised by the familiar voice as soon as she got out of the car, Song Changwen looked up.

    "Eh?" A look of joy and surprise appeared on her face as she saw the little fellow running toward her.

    By the time Lin Xiaoyu got in front of Song Changwen, he looked up at her with a beaming smile on his face.

    "Little fellow, why are you here?" Song Changwen asked, still in shock.

    She then looked around to see if anyone was there with Lin Xiaoyu.

    "I came to look for my Daddy so that he would bring me to eat nice food." Xiaoyu gestured with his hands.

    "What happened to your hand?" Song Changwen asked as she noticed the bandage over Xiaoyu's hand.

    "I bled so much that I nearly died." Xiaoyu's eyes widened in fear.

    His timid expression was adorable.

    Song Changwen could not help but soften her gaze. She then let go of Xiaoyu's hand and patted him on his head. "Nonsense."

    Xiaoyu smiled cheerfully as he allowed her to pet him.

    It was a heart-warming scene.

    "Oh, right." Song Changwen suddenly recalled that Song Feifei and Xiaxia were behind her.

    As she turned around, the two happened to have caught up with her. Song Feifei was holding onto Xi Xia's arm to support her weight.

    When Xi Xia saw Xiaoyu who stood next to Song Changwen, she seemed shocked.

    "Aunty, who is this child?" Song Feifei asked directly.

    Although there were many streetlights around them, it was still too dark for her to see Xiaoyu clearly. She bent over to take a closer look.

    "This..." Song Changwen was still figuring out how she would explain Xiaoyu's identity to Xi Xia and Song Feifei.

    However, Xiaoyu suddenly pointed a finger at Song Feifei. "I don't like this big sister," he blurted out loud.
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