478 Face-slapping

    Lin Yiqian had appeared so suddenly that even Song Changwen could not respond in time.

    As soon as Lin Yiqian arrived in front of Song Feifei, Song Feifei trembled as she stared at her. "Lin Yiqian, what do you want..."

    Before Song Feifei could finish her sentence, Lin Yiqian raised her right hand.

    Everyone including Song Feifei had their eyes wide open in shock.


    Lin Yiqian's palm landed hard on Song Feifei's face. It left the mark of Lin Yiqian's five fingers.

    Song Feifei's face was swollen.

    'Oh my god!'

    Everyone was taken by surprise. "Mrs. Gu is incredible."

    Lin Yiqian had actually dared to hit the Song family's golden child in front of her mother-in-law. This was actually Grandmother Song's eldest granddaughter, who was also Song Changwen's closest niece.

    Indirectly, Lin Yiqian had not only attacked Song Feifei, but also her mother-in-law, Song Changwen.

    In an instant, the air had turned heavy. Everyone looked at one another before finally shifting their gaze to Song Changwen.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianjia stared at Lin Yiqian in disbelief. Although she felt terrified, she also felt very grateful.

    For years, she had been bullied by Song Feifei. However, nobody had ever stood up for her like this before, let alone in front of her other.

    Gu Nianjia could feel tears rolling in her eyes.

    "Aunty, Lin Yiqian hit me." Song Feifei cried out after recovering from shock as she reached for Song Changwen's arm.

    Song Changwen felt equally surprised that Lin Yiqian would attack Song Feifei in front of this many people.

    Even if Lin Yiqian was not hitting her own niece, Song Changwen already felt that it was too much to bear.

    "Lin Yiqian, you're crazy," Song Changwen exclaimed as she held Song Feifei in her embrace and stared at Lin Yiqian.

    She seemed visibly angry. Everyone was now holding in their breath.

    Things had gotten out of control.

    However, Lin Yiqian ignored Song Changwen as she continued to stare at Song Feifei. "Not only am I hitting you today, but I am also warning you not to bully our Nianjia again. If you do so, I'm going to hit you again."

    As Lin Yiqian spoke, she grabbed Song Feifei by her hair and pulled her away from Song Changwen.

    She had acted so fast that Song Feifei could not respond in time to defend herself.

    Immediately, Lin Yiqian raised her other hand.

    Whack! Whack!

    Lin Yiqian landed two consecutive slaps on Song Feifei's face on the same side.

    Song Feifei's face was now so swollen that the veins on her face were now visible. She felt very confused as tears filled her eyes.

    "Aunty, save me. She wants to kill me!" Song Feifei cried out to Song Changwen.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian still seemed as if she was not done as she clung onto Song Feifei's hair. She was ignoring Song Feifei's cries completely.

    Song Changwen became so angry that she raised her hand as if she was going to hit Lin Yiqian.

    "Aunty." Xi Xia grabbed Song Changwen's hand just in time.

    Despite her thin and frail features, there was a strong force in her hand that stopped Song Changwen's hand from moving.

    "Xiaxia?" Song Changwen looked at Xi Xia confusedly.

    "Please don't." Xi Xia shook her head gently as she held onto Song Changwen's hand.

    Finally, Song Changwen dropped her hand as she pointed at the door. "Lin Yiqian, get out of here!"

    In response, Lin Yiqian raised her chin proudly and did not seem to pale in comparison with Song Changwen who had years of business experience under her belt. "Do you want me to leave? If you do, get Gu Nianshen to divorce me. If I'm no longer Mrs. Gu, I will gladly leave."

    Lin Yiqian's overpowering attitude was completely unlike her previous respectful demeanor toward her mother-in-law.
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