479 Replace Me If You Can

    Although everyone thought a full-blown fight would occur between Lin Yiqian and her mother-in-law, Song Changwen was a person who looked at the bigger picture. Unlike other mothers-in-law who reacted hastily, she maintained her composure as she stared at Lin Yiqian coldly without saying a word.

    There was an awful expression on Song Changwen's face.

    Finally, Xi Xia could not bear it any longer. "Little Yi, what's up with you?" She walked up to Lin Yiqian and asked in a soft voice.

    In comparison, Lin Yiqian seemed much more dominant.

    Some of the strangers around began speculating Xi Xia's identity. Gradually, they began to talk about her relationship with Gu Nianshen.

    Hearing words of praise about Xi Xia, Lin Yiqian smirked as she looked at Xi Xia. "Miss Xi, you are physically unwell. I happen to be in a bad mood right now. I'd suggest that we do not communicate right now. Otherwise, I won't be responsible if anything happens to you physically."

    Although Lin Yiqian treated Xi Xia as her enemy, she truly meant what she said.

    Knowing how physically weak Xi Xia was, Lin Yiqian was afraid that she would end up hurting her if she failed to control her own emotions.

    Meanwhile, Xi Xia's smile froze as she felt awkward after hearing what Lin Yiqian said.

    With her mouth slightly ajar, Xi Xia hesitated about whether she should continue to speak.

    In the end, she lowered her head. Her helpless stance was upsetting to behold.

    Finally, Song Changwen grabbed Xi Xia's arm and pulled her close before glaring at Lin Yiqian. "Absolutely ridiculous. You have gone insane!"

    Song Changwen raised her other hand to gently pat Xi Xia on her back to console her.

    As Lin Yiqian observed, the image of Xiaoyu crying and crouching in a corner appeared in her mind.

    Lin Yiqian sniffed as she tried to control the pain she felt in her heart. She then smiled sarcastically at Song Changwen.

    Then, she turned to look at Song Feifei again. "I'm telling you, as long as I, Lin Yiqian, am still in Gu Nianshen's house, you will definitely not step inside our home. The only way you may do so is if you get Gu Nianshen to divorce me."

    Hearing this, Song Changwen could no longer bear it as she pointed at Lin Yiqian. "Lin Yiqian, do you know who you are? Do you really think you are the alpha female in the Gu family?"

    "Mother, if you think I am not worthy of this position, you can persuade Gu Nianshen to replace me," Lin Yiqian replied calmly.

    Lin Yiqian then shifted her gaze to Xi Xia's face. "You can replace me with your favorite daughter-in-law." She chuckled sarcastically.

    Despite being surrounded by an audience, Lin Yiqian was not going to give in. She would overpower her mother-in-law, Song Changwen, with every single word she spoke.

    Meanwhile, everyone was saying how Lin Yiqian was going too far. Regardless of Song Changwen's status, any mother-in-law should be treated more respectfully than this.

    "I can forgive you if you disrespect me. However, you are not allowed to bully Xi Xia. You do not have the right," Song Changwen said coldly.

    As Song Changwen spoke, she walked closer to Lin Yiqian.

    "Do you think I am not capable of doing it? If you don't apologize to Xi Xia today, I will make sure you are replaced!" Song Changwen pointed at Lin Yiqian's nose.

    However, Lin Yiqian fearlessly returned Song Changwen's stare. A drop of tear in her eyes made her seem even more heartless and cold.

    Without saying a word, Lin Yiqian held her ground.

    "What are you people doing?"

    Suddenly, a man's dominant voice could be heard from afar. As everyone turned to look, they unanimously stepped aside so that the man who spoke had a clear path to get to Lin Yiqian.
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