483 Why Did He Not Protect Her Favorite Xiaoyu?

    Xiaoyu did not hold any grudge against Gu Nianshen.

    Was it possible that... In the future, Xiaoyu might choose Gu Nianshen over Lin Yiqian?

    Lin Yiqian did not dare to think further as she hugged Xiaoyu tightly. "Xiaoyu, you belong to Mommy alone. Remember, when you go out next time, you must not let other people know that I am your Mommy. Do you understand?"

    Xiaoyu nodded. "I understand. If they find out I am Mommy's son, I won't be able to go out for ice-cream or buy toys anymore. They might even take me away. Is that right?"

    "Yes..." Lin Yiqian sniffed as she nodded.

    Feeling a little choked up, Lin Yiqian turned her back on Xiaoyu. "Mommy needs to discuss something related to work with Uncle Bai Se. Go ahead and sleep first."

    "Okay." Xiaoyu let go of Lin Yiqian's hand before curling his hands into fists and placing them next to his head on both sides.

    Once Lin Yiqian had tucked Xiaoyu under the covers, she dimmed the lights in the room to the lowest brightness.

    The little fellow looked extraordinarily adorable as he peered his little eyes.

    Seeing him like this made Lin Yiqian's eyes tear up even more. She covered her mouth before walking hastily out of the room.

    "Are you crying?" Bai Se stood up from the couch when he saw Lin Yiqian.

    He bent over at the coffee table to pick up a few napkins before passing them to Lin Yiqian.

    "It's my fault today for not looking after Xiaoyu carefully," Bai Se said apologetically once Lin Yiqian got nearer.

    Lin Yiqian shook her head as she chuckled. "Shouldn't I have seen this coming way earlier?"

    Should she not have realized this was Gu Nianshen's attitude toward her all along?

    "But he doesn't know that Xiaoyu is his son." Bai Se frowned.

    "Even if that's the case, he knows that I like Xiaoyu a lot." Lin Yiqian raised her voice.

    Based on this fact alone, he should have protected Xiaoyu.

    How could he have allowed a few adults to bully Xiaoyu? How could he have watched Xiaoyu cry his lungs out while he did nothing?

    If Gu Nianshen really cared about Lin Yiqian, even if only a little, why did he not protect Xiaoyu? Why did he not protect her Xiaoyu in front of Xi Xia?

    Why did Gu Nianshen not tell his mother that he wanted to protect Xiaoyu because he liked Lin Yiqian?

    Was he aware of how frightened Xiaoyu was?

    Right then, Lin Yiqian could no longer hold her tears in as she knelt down to the ground with her hands to her face.

    She was trying very hard to control her weeping.

    This was the first time Bai Se saw her crying like this. Even when she went on huge stages to receive awards in the past, she had never shed a single tear.

    A woman as strong as she had gone through so much suffering that many men would probably not have been able to bear. Yet, here she was crying like a little child.

    Bai Se returned to the coffee table for a few more napkins before kneeling down in front of Lin Yiqian.

    After staring at her for a while, he began to speak sternly, "You have refrained from telling him Xiaoyu's identity because you are actually worried that his family might take custody of Xiaoyu away from you."

    Lin Yiqian remained silent.

    Bai Se was right. Lin Yiqian was afraid that might happen. She liked Gu Nianshen so much that she would even dream about him accepting Xiaoyu as his son.

    However, she was also afraid that they might end up staying together because of Xiaoyu.

    Lin Yiqian knew that she was not a responsible mother. Due to her own emotions and her greed, she had been keeping Xiaoyu a secret. She had kept him hidden from the entire world.
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