495 Food-poisoning From Eating Too Many Plums

    Being carried on Gu Nianshen's shoulder made Lin Yiqian feel very unstable. "Put me down. This kind of behavior does not suit you at all." She slapped Gu Nianshen's back as she struggled to free herself.

    However, Gu Nianshen ignored her and continued to walk out of the room.

    Once they stepped outside, Gu Nianshen glanced at Lin Yiqian's secretary. "Tidy this up right away."



    Back in Lu Chen's office in the Shanghai state hospital, it was extraordinarily neat and tidy.

    Doctor Lu, dressed in his white medical robe and still looking rather sleepy was now examining Lin Yiqian's wound as he cursed at Gu Nianshen. "You never queue when you come to the hospital. Do you know that I'll get fired if they find out?"

    "Is her injury serious?" Gu Nianshen asked nonchalantly.

    "Thank goodness you came in time," Lu Chen said expressionlessly.

    He made it sound as if Lin Yiqian was in a dire situation. She and Gu Nianshen both turned to look at Lu Chen nervously.

    "If you came any later, the wound may have already healed." Lu Chen rolled his eyes at Gu Nianshen before he continued attending to Lin Yiqian's wound.

    Just as Lin Yiqian thought, the wound was not so serious that they needed to come to the hospital. Gu Nianshen had over-worried.

    Gu Nianshen remained speechless.

    "What scratched her? The length of the wound is rather long," Lu Chen asked.

    "A dog."

    Lin Yiqian was stunned.

    He was referring to his aunt as a dog. Gu Nianshen was the most disrespectful man she had ever known.

    "Woah. What dog would have such courage to scratch Mrs. Gu?" Lu Chen exclaimed in surprise.

    Then, Lu Chen began laughing as he put the cotton bud down. "Don't worry, there won't be any scars. Just be careful about touching it," Lu Chen said to Lin Yiqian.

    Hearing this, Gu Nianshen no longer felt as worried.

    "Let's go." He reached for Lin Yiqian's hand.

    "Leaving already?" Lu Chen frowned.

    Were they not even thanking him?

    "I don't have time to have a meal with you," Gu Nianshen said heartlessly.

    "Go on then." Lu Chen waved at Gu Nianshen. It was time for his lunch break anyway.

    After yawning, Lu Chen was about to go lie down for a nap when he suddenly turned around and called out to Gu Nianshen, "Nianshen!"

    He ran after them. "Where did you buy those plums you gave me last time? My mother loved them."

    "What plums?" Gu Nianshen looked away guiltily before taking a peek at Lin Yiqian as he frowned.

    "It's only been two days. Have you forgotten already?" Lu Chen chuckled. "You ate too many plums and got food-poisoning, which was why you ended up here with me. When I walked you to your car, you gave me a basket of plums. Remember?"

    Busy people tended to forget things as they had too much on their minds.

    "I don't remember," Gu Nianshen replied before grabbing Lin Yiqian's hand and continued to walk away.

    He seemed very impatient.

    "Did you go to my house?" Lin Yiqian turned to face him.

    As it was the season for plums, Lin Yiqian knew that her plum tree would be in full bloom right now. The last time she visited, she saw plenty of plums on the tree.

    "No." Gu Nianshen shook his head in denial.

    After Lu Chen heard Lin Yiqian's question, he knew that she must have a plum tree. "Did the plums come from your family?"

    Lin Yiqian was unsure of whether that was the case. "I do have a plum tree at home. However, I'm not sure if the plums Mr. Gu ate are from my family."

    Although Lin Yiqian thought it unlikely, she could not think of anyone else who might give such a lowly gift to Gu Nianshen. The only possibility was that Gu Nianshen had visited her home and Lin Tianwan offered him those plums.

    Even if other people were to give him fruits, they would choose something more expensive. Moreover, it was impossible for Gu Nianshen to have shopped for his own fruits.
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