496 Clearly, Your Family Intended To Harm Me

    However, Lu Chen was already feeling certain that the plums Gu Nianshen ate were from Lin Yiqian's family. "So, I see that the plums were from your in-laws. No wonder you ended up eating so much that you got food poisoning."

    "You are talking too much." Gu Nianshen glared at Lu Chen before hurrying Lin Yiqian along.

    If they did not leave soon, Gu Nianshen would soon lose his temper.

    Lin Yiqian allowed him to pull her along until they got into the car. After putting her seatbelt on, she turned to look at him. "When did you go to my house?"

    Rather than him accepting plums from her family, Lin Yiqian was more surprised by the fact that he had eaten so much of them that he got food poisoning.

    She was not sure if she should feel bad for him or laugh at him.

    Feeling embarrassed, Gu Nianshen did not want to look at Lin Yiqian. He pretended to focus on driving as he tried to sound natural. "It was boring when I waited for the dumplings to be done. That was why I roamed around."


    Lin Yiqian recalled that it was two days ago when Na Wa had visited her at her office.

    That was when Gu Nianshen had an upset stomach, which explained his pale face. He actually had food poisoning. "And yet you laughed at me when I got into the hospital from overeating." Lin Yiqian burst into laughter.

    The tables had turned.

    "Clearly, your family intended to harm me," Gu Nianshen said annoyedly.

    Was he accusing Lin Tianwan of poisoning the plums he ate?

    Could this man be more ridiculous?

    He should just admit that he was being greedy.

    Lin Yiqian chuckled for a while but she stopped teasing Gu Nianshen because she knew how egoistic he was. "Who gave you the plums?"

    She was still surprised that Gu Nianshen had accepted the plums.

    "I didn't speak to your aunt," Gu Nianshen said without hesitating.

    "Oh..." Lin Yiqian answered.

    Why did he seem so nervous? It was not like Lin Yiqian was accusing him of anything.

    With Lin Yiqian's persuasion, Gu Nianshen had no choice but to send her back to the office.

    Lin Yiqian got out of the car and walked away without looking back when they arrived.

    As Gu Nianshen watched her leave the car, a thoughtful look appeared on his face.

    Once Lin Yiqian had completely disappeared from sight, he looked away and annoyedly retrieved a stick of cigarette from the storage compartment. He then lit the cigarette and took a puff out of it.

    'This child has a 99% chance of being your son. You are indeed father and son...'


    "Destroy everything. Don't even spare a bowl."

    Within a few minutes, an expensive-looking villa with lavish designs had been turned upside down and inside out.

    There were broken pieces of vase and mirrors all over the floor.

    Meanwhile, a man dressed in white stood in the center of the living room. He was not about to stop as he proceeded to ask the people around him to head to the kitchen.

    A middle-aged man in his pajamas sat sadly on the floor as he pleaded with Gu Nianshen while holding onto his feet. "Nianshen, your uncle is begging you. This house cost nearly ten million to renovate."

    "Only ten million..." Gu Nianshen smirked at Song Changjun.

    The tone of Gu Nianshen's voice made Song Changjun shiver in fear.

    Right then, they could hear things being destroyed in the kitchen as servants came running out.

    "Gu Nianshen, what are you doing?"

    Suddenly, Gu Nianshen heard Song Changwen's voice by the door. He turned around to glance at her.

    As their eyes met, Song Changwen charged toward him angrily.

    "I advise you not to intervene in this matter because there is nothing you can do about it," Gu Nianshen said coldly.

    "You've gone crazy. This is your uncle's house!" Song Changwen yelled as she raised her hand and slapped Gu Nianshen across the face.

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