502 Never Try To Reason With Women

    Men who are not tactful in conversations tended to make people feel awkward at times.

    Deciding not to reply instead, Lin Yiqian locked her phone before picking her purse up and heading out the door.

    If she did not go home soon, Xiaoyu would start calling to urge her to hurry up.

    "Ehh... Why are you here?"

    As Gu Nianjia had left the door ajar when she left, Lin Yiqian only had to push it lightly to open the door.

    As soon as she did so, a tall man suddenly appeared before her and gave her a fright.

    Gu Nianshen stood there with his hands in his pockets. "I told you I would pick you up," he said blankly as he pointed at his phone.

    "How long have you been standing here?" Lin Yiqian stopped looking surprised and began to speak coldly.

    Then, she looked away from Gu Nianshen's face as if she could not stand looking at him.

    Gu Nianshen began to chuckle. "Stop pretending. I saw you smiling from ear to ear when you accepted the red packets."

    Lin Yiqian had clearly been happy when she chatted with him.

    When Gu Nianshen saw Lin Yiqian being silent on purpose, he knew that she was just putting up a front.

    "That was because I was talking to someone else. Do you think I need the money that much?" Lin Yiqian said in the same cool tone as before as she raised her brows and snorted.

    "Who were you talking to?" Gu Nianshen immediately became wary.

    "What does that have to do with you?" Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes at Gu Nianshen before walking past him.

    For Xiaoyu's sake, she could not allow herself to give in this easily.

    Even if Gu Nianshen was not aware of his own fault, it did not change the fact that Xiaoyu was bullied by his family. Besides, Xiaoyu liked Gu Nianshen so very much and was always kind to him. In fact, Xiaoyu would always bring food for him.

    Disregarding the fact that Gu Nianshen should have protected Xiaoyu because Lin Yiqian adored Xiaoyu, he should still have done so simply because Xiaoyu was always nice to him.

    In the end, it came back to the words said by Gu Nianshen's mother. Gu Nianshen would rather deny having anything to do with Xiaoyu just to avoid being misunderstood by Xi Xia that Xiaoyu was his illegitimate child.

    If he had protected Xiaoyu in front of Xi Xia, it would make others suspect that Xiaoyu really was his illegitimate child, and further confirm that he had betrayed her a long time ago.

    Looking back, Lin Yiqian wished that she had announced loudly to everyone that Xiaoyu was indeed Gu Nianshen's child and that she had slept with him five years ago.

    Xi Xia would have collapsed.

    If anything were to happen to Xi Xia, Gu Nianshen would definitely not forgive Lin Yiqian.

    As Lin Yiqian thought of this, she snorted sarcastically before quickening her footsteps toward the lift.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen hurried after her. Once they were in the lift, Gu Nianshen reached for her elbow and forced her to face him. "I wasn't even there in the beginning. Besides, I wasn't the one who bullied Gu Nianjia. I have been thinking about it a lot but I still can't figure out why you are angry at me.

    Although Gu Nianshen appreciated that his wife was protective of his sister, and wondered if Lin Yiqian adored Gu Nianjia because she was his sister, he still felt that he had been wrongly blamed.

    Lin Yiqian snorted. "I can be mad at you for no reason at all. Why must I have a valid reason to vent?" She lifted her head proudly.


    'If you really want to get along with Lin Yiqian, you must sweet-talk her without overthinking it. You should never try to reason with a woman.

    'Reasoning with a woman is just adding more complications to your existing problem.'

    Gu Nianshen recalled what Li Nanmu had told him while he pointed at Lin Yiqian. As he gritted his teeth, he forced himself to remain calm.
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