510 Dear Wife, Come To Bed

    Gu Nianjia's tone of voice, coupled with the way her pinky fingers were lifted, she made Gu Nianshen feel very much annoyed.

    "Are you two returning to Beijing after this meal?" Gu Nianshen looked up and glared at Gu Nianjia before turning to look at Zhang Jingyu.

    "Yes," Zhang Jingyu said plainly as he used his chopsticks to carefully pick out bones from a piece of fish meat.

    His presence could only be described with a single phrase, which was 'pure elegance'.

    In contrast, Gu Nianjia sucked on her fingers after peeling her prawn in a very barbaric manner.

    Despite that, the two seemed to look pleasing to the eyes as a couple when they sat next to each other.

    As Lin Yiqian observed the two, she secretly hoped that Zhang Jingyu would finish picking the bones out of the fish and place the meat on Gu Nianjia's plate.

    To her, that would be a perfect happy ending.

    However, not surprisingly, Zhang Jingyu finished picking out the bones and fed himself the fish meat right after.

    Disappointed, Lin Yiqian shrugged before turning to face Gu Nianjia. "You're already out of cash. How would you survive back in school?" Lin Yiqian asked in a teasing manner.

    "It's none of your business." Gu Nianjia snapped before picking up another prawn and tearing its head off. She then tossed the prawn head onto the plate as if she was doing it to her sister-in-law's head.

    Unaffected by Gu Nianjia's tone of voice, Lin Yiqian looked at Zhang Jingyu and spoke in a way that reaffirmed her seniority toward Gu Nianjia. "Gu Nianjia will soon be receiving her allowance. I hope you don't mind us troubling you to look after her until then. Feel free to ask her out for meals during this time."


    Gu Nianjia looked up at Lin Yiqian annoyedly. "Who would want this..."

    She was about to say the word 'beast' when she felt someone looking at her in a sinister way.

    Gu Nianjia frantically turned around to find Aunt Zhou standing by the kitchen door with a smile. Aunt Zhou was holding her phone in one hand.

    With her jaw clenched, Gu Nianjia looked away and immediately changed her tone of voice. "Professor Zhang is a very kind man. Even if you didn't ask him, he would help me out."

    'Arghhh! I am betraying myself. I'm so sorry.' Gu Nianjia cursed at herself in her mind.

    "It's what I should do anyway," Zhang Jingyu responded calmly.

    His voice had a soothing quality to it.

    'Something he should do anyway?' Lin Yiqian raised her brows as she pondered what he said. Did he mean to say it was his responsibility to look after Gu Nianjia?

    Lin Yiqian could not help but imagine certain scenes in her mind.


    After dinner and dessert, Gu Nianjia finally left with Zhang Jingyu at around nine o'clock. She dragged her luggage along as she walked behind Zhang Jingyu.

    As Lin Yiqian walked them to the door, she could see that Zhang Jingyu did not offer to help Gu Nianjia with the luggage. He allowed Gu Nianjia to carry her own luggage all the way to the car, which made Lin Yiqian feel a little disappointed.

    Lin Yiqian could not help but find this professor all the more mysterious. How did he really feel about this little coward?

    Was he really only looking after her under Gu Nianshen's request?

    As the car began to head out of the courtyard, Lin Yiqian leaned against the door and frowned whilst lost in thought.

    Suddenly, the phone in her hand vibrated. There was a message from Gu Nianshen. "Come to bed."

    'It's only nine o'clock. There's still so much work to do. Why would I sleep this early?' Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes as she looked down at her phone.

    Then, she turned around and walked up to her own room.

    Not too long after, Gu Nianshen sent another message of an emoticon with a tired character lying on the bed whilst yawning.

    Lin Yiqian burst into laughter as she imagined Gu Nianshen lying down in the same way.

    Could this man actually have a little girl's personality deep inside?

    "I don't want to sleep with you. Go to bed on your own." Lin Yiqian replied before putting her phone down and locking the door to her room.
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