1 Chapter 1


    A middle-aged man was laying down on the cold concrete ground of a huge stadium, his lower half absolutely shredded, his eyes full of tears as he watched his fellow comrades get devoured by several hideous beasts.


    he didn't know why they chose him and his comrades, they were nothing but a group of wandering mercenaries in the lower-Helios realm.

    he leaned his head slightly, as his life was about to end, he saw her, he didn't know why but she seemed oddly familiar to him.

    the more he looked at her, the more fury started building up inside him, he didn't know why, but his sixth sense, something's that he honed over the years, kept focusing on her existence as if telling him that she was the one responsible for his current situation.

    six hours ago, the lone wolves, his group were hunting monsters in one of the areas inhabited by kobolds in the lower-Helios realm, when they were all teleported to this huge stadium.

    as he took in the voices of the excited crowd, link fell to despair.

    His vision slowly darkening, he registered the figure of the blond, golden-eyed women.

    As he approached his last moment's the women actually made eye contact with him and smiled.

    that was the last thing he saw before his vision went dark.

    Link could feel himself falling deep into the abyss, losing a piece of himself every time a hand stretched from the darkness, to grab ahold of him.

    The soul that was Link, slowly shrank in size, every time he lost a part of himself cut off.

    The pain of his soul being cut by the claws of the abyss, would make a normal person go insane from just a few scratches, but somehow, Link held on, but it had nothing to do with his willpower.

    something took hold of his inner consciousness, coating it with some kind of energy preventing him from going insane, barely that is, as the pain was still as real as it could be.

    Time passed and Link's soul, had become the size of a fist, one more claw and he would be a goner, but at that exact moment, the energy coating his consciousness started to shine bright, and in the next moment, Link found himself inside a square space.

    In front of him, stood the most beautiful women in existence, but Link could not appreciate her, or even notice her, as the damage the abyss claws had dealt to him, almost claimed his very soul.

    The silver haired women, slowly, started approaching the soul in front her, smiling all the way, as the soul was only 30 inches away from her, she dug into the soul with her nails.

    Link souls shook, if he had a mouth right now, he would be screaming as hard as he could, the pain he was dealing with right now, was on another level.

    A few seconds passed before the beauty pulled out her nails, and five long blue strings followed along attached to them.

    « Hoho, interesting. » The silver haired beauty, said as she looked at the 5 strings.

    Link, who was shaking just a second ago, started to change color, from bright blue, to a magma like red.

    The only thing he had been protecting on his way to hell, something even more important to him than his very existence, had been plundered from him the moment that women touched him.

    Rage, pure rage, to the point that it materialized, the weak soul from a moment ago, started to grow and regenerate.

    But to the women, what she saw was nothing more than an amusing show.

    Slowly opening her mouth, she spoke.

    « Did you forget? that you're the lost soul.... And I am the reaper »

    A horrifying smile plastering over her face
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