10 Desperation Part 2

    The fallen king Morador, Sky breaker and the wielder of Haeress, sat on his petrified throne, gazing down at the unmoving Link.

    "You have finally made it here, young man"

    He said while standing up, he was a 6 foot tall stone man, with an impressive build.

    before Link could get over my amazement at the stone man's sheer presence and him being able to converse.

    he felt an intense pain in his chest as if a truck had struck him right there and then.

    the next moment he came to realize, he has been blown all the way out from the throne room to the outside of the castle, taking down several walls with him.

    His eyes blurry, and chest caved in, with his hands shaking he looked through what was left of the stuff in his bag, blood flowing out off his mouth,

    most of the stuff inside were broken, fortunately,  he managed to find what he had been looking for.

    Pain Killers.

    quickly downing one of the advanced Pain killer pills, Link felt his pains lessen and his wound slowly regenerate thanks to his high strength and stamina.

    But it wasn't enough, his ribs were probably broken already.

    he could finally see what had whacked him, inside the throne room, stood the stone king Morador with his left arm stretched out, seeming to have just executed a jab.

    With a look of disappointment, his lips parted.

    "Just another weakling"

    he turned his back to Link and started walking away.

    Link here, knew what the logical choice for him here was.

    The logical choice for him here was to run away as far as he could, and never take a step back into this place.


    The words the stone man had spoken brought up one of the memories he had buried deeply.

    The man who took the life of his beloved right in front of his eyes, severed his arm, while he could do nothing but be the useless bastard he was.

    had that same disposition, that same look of disappointment and he spoke the exact same words to him.

    slowly the image of the stone king overlapped with that man's, at that moment, Link reached a state of calm rage.

    he felt something break inside him, his rage overtook him and he dashed toward the fading silhouette.

    Dashing towards Morador, link  Raised Dark Bane near his ear, in just the blink of an eye, he appeared beside the stone king, slashing towards him.

    "You can still move?"

    Link's Katana seemed to blurr as he started to reach towards his prowess limits

    Morador, surprised, finally started to take the fight seriously.

    "as I said, a weakling"

    Morador spoke, as he blocked every strike coing from Link, with his palms that were coated with mana.

    The humiliation only served to feed and grow the fury dwelling inside Links heart.

    his strikes grew more irrational, with no care for his own body, his eyes exhibiting his madness.

    " You're insane"

    suddenly, the king broke his passive stand and struck link with his right fist.

    His one punch sent link flying thousands of meters away, while he spat a long line of blood through his flight.

    But the Stoneman king was surprised to find himself injured in the chest, a long curving slash trail was left on it.

    3 seconds later, Link once again stood up, his state far worse than before.

    Taking out more pain killers, he once again dashed at the king, with his teeth's gritted and katana raised high.

    This time he was far faster than before, but Link wasn't really using Limit Break, he was unconsciously, going over his very own limits, rage fueling his body.

    The king once again punched out, towards Links head, fully intent on killing him this time, but what he didn't expect was Link dodging at the very last moment and retaliating with an attack of his own slashing his chest once again.

    The fallen king, looked at Link whose cheek had a huge cut on it, and the wound on his chest, with a look of surprise

    He had finally seemed to run out of patient, Irritation apparent on his face he said.

    "That's it"

    What was left of link rationality told him to back off, he sensed an unfathomable pressure press down on him, he immediately tried to retreat jumping back, but it was too late.


    he suddenly lost his balance and fell on his butt.

    he could see the stone kind Morador, holding a stone saber, with runes carved on it, there was also some blood on it.


    Wait, blood?

    I suddenly looked down and saw a huge wound from his shoulder down to his stomach.


    My screams echoed through the silent ancient city, while blood seeps out from the deadly wound on my chest.

    I leaned on the ground, gazing at the sky with lifeless eyes once again, expecting full well the end of my life.

    but the stone man turned his back to me and started walking away once again.

    "Why are you not killing me"

    the stone man suddenly stopped and said.

    "You are not worthy"
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