11 Desperation part 3

    "You're not worthy"

    he was right, never was I worthy of death at their hands, unworthy of a second look, for them, my existence was nothing but that of an insect, the so-called prodigies.

    they never considered me as one of them, so I worked harder and harder, I wanted to be recognized as of the same kind, from the same level.

    but I was at most an above average blade master in their eyes.

    and now that I gained a few more abilities and achieved things that I couldn't back then, I grew overconfident and arrogant thinking I was some kind of hot stuff, thinking that things have changed and that I can overthrow them.

    but I was still the same second rate blade master I always used to be and always will be.

    this was my fate, my future.

    my thoughts wandered, thinking about how I failed my friends, my people once again, how useless I was.

    it was then that I remembered an event, a memory I thought I have long forgotten.

    The memory of my late grandfather on his bed dying, I was 5 years back then, and that old man was all that I had, my only family.

    he said to me

    "Link, you must live a free life, never let anything hold you back, be open-minded, repay favors by 10 folds, and enmity by hundreds, your fate lies in your own hands, you choose who you will be"

    and at that moment, I chose to be the kind of person to fight till the bitter end.

    "Stand right there stone man"

    I said with a hoarse voice, standing up on my broken legs, and balancing myself with dark bane limping towards my enemy.

    he didn't stop walking, and just ignored my words, so I mustered up whatever strength was left in my body, and leaped at him.

    I landed near him and directed a punch towards his head.

    the punch connected but dealt more damage to me than it dealt with him.

    however it served its purpose nonetheless, the stone man turned around with irritation, and finally punched with the intention to end my life.

    he had the look of someone who just crushed an annoying ant.

    my body was flung away several meters, coming to a stop after a small period of time.

    I felt my life force fade away.

    and I gave up, thinking this was my end.

    As death was about to claim me, my eyes saw it, Death herself, governing the torture of my comrades soul that she took away, stabbing them with her nails over and over, I could hear their screams echo out.

    She turned towards me, with her hand stretching out and spoke.

    "Did you really think you could avoid me? Those who fool with me and time, only have eternal suffering awaiting them"

    It was at that moment, my thoughts went blank, and something started building inside of me once again.

    My face grimaced, my body ached, my wounds opened, my bones cracked, but I held my katana in my hand and stabbed at her beautiful face, which contorted in rage at what I did.

    My tears starting flooding, how can I be so weak, how can I give up so quickly?

    they were my words, my promises, but this life itself is not mine for me to give up, but that was all I needed to get back up on my feet.

    I stood up once again, my body wrecked, but I knew, that  I'm getting out of here, stronger then ever before, and this guy will be my stepping stone.

    I let out a roar towards the ceiling of stone above.

    all of the Desperation, depression, uselessness, helplessness, and sadness faded away with that one roar.

    My grand father's words once again echoed through my ears.

    I am who I choose to be, I will be the strongest, never to be stepped on again, never to lose someone dear to me again, NEVER BE LOOKED DOWN ON.

    I was literally a step away from death, but I felt that at this moment I was at my best, I have broken the shackles of inferiority that haunted me through the years,  I had a dream of my own now, not for someones else sake.


    The stone man was looking at me with an astonished look.

    "How are you still alive? okay now you have officially upgraded from an ant to a cockroURSGHH"

    Like he never expectedmy katana was upon him once again, and he only reacted at the last moment, blocking Dark Bane with his sword while being pushed back.


    I went even further beyond applying strength to dark bane that I shouldn't pocess.

    the stone king face brimming with rage on his face, a huge crack appeared on his hands.

    'Limit Break' I willed the skill on dark bane to activate, and it took effect instantly.

    "Fucking ** colored stone, come at me with your all, or the last thing you ill see will be my katana"

    I spoke right before kicking him away.

    the stone king, being a monarch probably was never insulted by such vulgar words.

    So he rushed at me like a mad beast pouncing at another beast who stole his mate.

    his saber, slashing towards my neck, previously I could just wait for death if he slashed at me.

    but now.

    "I can read them"

    The king was pissed off at my calm eyes and not understanding the meaning behind my words, so he raised his speed even more.

    "your moves "

    even though my whole body was wrecked, I managed to duck and remain in balance, thus dodging his slash at the last mini second.

    " I can read them retard"

    My speed that had spiked beyond, and my sharp dark katana, all came down on the stone king like the tallest raging waterfall.

    The stone king who was barely holding up now, jumped back unexpecting me to thrown my katana at him, which smoothly went through his  shoulder.

    Unwilling to let go, I jumped after him and smashed his face with my fist.

    half of his face was cracked, and he was sent flying like a rocket through the hair.

    I jumped, and followed him through the air, he performed several slashes at me fin a desperate attempt, but I dodged every last one of them, grabbed his face and smashed it to the ground, I felt something crack under my palm but I didn't stop.

    I started hammering his visage with my fists.

    Changing his face structure.

    I stopped for a moment, and let out the words, that no man had ever spoke.

    "You go and tell death, that I will be coming for he **ing head."

    And right after resumed hammering his head whenever a fist of mine landed, the ground covering surroundings us shook, as if an earthquake was taking place right there and then.

    I didn't stop until the head of the one who made me reach such desperation had nothing left of it but mere pieces of stone.


    I felt like I have finally climbed some sort of mountain I've been climbing for years.

    like I have broken some kind of shackles that have rusted over my limbs.



    My scream, echoed as my tears fell.


    with that one roar half of the sands of despair was shook, some monsters started shaking, while some even lost consciousness and fainted,

    the cause was an indomitable roar.

    a roar that marked the rise of the strongest, someone that would stand at the top no matter what and who stood in his way.

    The rise of Link Oakshield, The exile.
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