13 The Petrified Wyrm - Part 2

    as Link further scanned the book's pages, a terrifying fact written down caught his attention.

    'Oh how I miss the grasslands above, the blue sky and...'

    The king dairies proceeded to describe how beautiful the above grounds was and then Link realized that whatever petrified the city, petrified the whole land as well turning it to a desert of sorts.

    he could feel cold sweat forming on his back, even though the beast that made this possible was not present he could feel it's pressure crushing me down.

    It was a horrifying feeling that seeped to the very core of your bones.

    but after a while he managed to calm down, he wrapped up the book in a cloth and hung it on his hip and ignored it for the rest of his trip down the stairs.


    Link's POV.

    I sat down in a  pose listening to the tale of the being in front of me.

    A supposedly female Wyrm called Nada, had her eyes locked with me as she spoke to me of irrelevant things, she even asked me how was the weather outside, asking me several other questions you wouldn't expect of someone such as her, but through our conversation, I found out that she was quite the nice person.

    when I first made it to this huge space full of nothing but darkness and saw the almost 60 meters tall petrified Wyrm looking at me with a curious gaze, I lost my ** and started running back towards the way I came from, the exit, well it was more of a limping then running because of how bad my body state was.

    it was then that I heard a voice speak to me, a soothing and gentle one.

    telling me that she was no harm and that she wanted to help me.


    even though I was sitting, I had prepared myself to use dash and limit breaker in case this huge limbless dragon decided that it wasn't so harmless after all.

    " So what does one of the highborn come looking for in these cursed lands"

    " A highborn? I think you are mistaken, I'm but a low tier human"

    Highborn's, were those of top-tier bloodlines, calling me a highborn didn't make any sense, I obviously didn't belong to them.

    " I can't possibly be mistaken, or maybe you're just unaware"

    "unaware of what, my status obviously says I'm a low tier human with a limit of D rank as my strength"

    suddenly the Huge Wyrm sighed and looked at me with sympathetic eyes.

    " Your racial abilities are locked and blood is crippled, that's the reason your status says you belong to the low tier human race, your parents surely were highborn's"

    My parents? the last I heard of them was when my grandfather told me that they died in a car accident at the age of 2.

    I always found it weird that I could never find a picture of theirs, but them belonging to the highborn's was something new honestly.

    " I am the same, would you like to know how these lands and I ended up like this, all petrified"

    well, I already had an idea about what happened but it wouldn't harm to gain even more knowledge.

    Plus I didn't have a conversation with another person for a while, even though that person was a 60-meter tall wyrm right now, it didn't matter.

    "Here take this"

    a small shining blue orb floated down and landed in front of me.

    " a memory orb?"

    Memory orbs, a magical item that was used to hold memories and such in, truly a useful auxiliary item.

    "All the information that you need is stored inside."

    the talkative Wyrm wasn't so talkative and her voice seemed kind of off?

    anyway, I proceeded to swallow the memory orb.

    as it went down my throat, suddenly I felt heat?

    **! that wasn't a memory orb.

    those were my last thoughts before I blanked out.


    I finally understood what she meant, by saying she was the same as me.

    as I witnessed all her memories.

    Nada had quite a scary background, her mother was but a wyrm, and her father a true dragon, she was the illegitimate daughter of the dragon king.

    after she came to be, her mother was killed and she was exiled to one of the deadliest forests in existence.

    but against all odds, she survived, grew stronger by the day, even starting her own kingdom, she wanted her father to accept her.

    in fact, she grew so strong and managed to reach and almost breakthrough the limit that held her back as a wyrm.

    she was evolving to a true dragon.

    but the Dragons found out and hunted her down and her people.

    at first, it was but wyverns, that, she could handle, but as time progressed, stronger and stronger beings started showing up.

    she fended them all off regardless of the injuries she accumulated, protected her people as best as she could.

    but then he showed up.

    - One of the 4 Supreme dragons known as Zenirr, all it took was 1 petrification spell for her dreams and people to turn to stone.

    she lost all her abilities and her evolution was halted.

    thus ending her long journey, she remained still, waiting for death.

    thousands of years passed, and a stranger showed up in front of her door.

    at first, scared, but he eventually opened up to her, she soon found out he was the same as her, born of them, but exiled, his blood and abilities, locked.

    so she decided that she would help him.

    she decided to gift him, the sole thing that had evolved in her being before her evolution was halted.

    she decided to gift him the knoweldge that made her who she is.

    as she watched him swallow it down unknowingly, she finally found peace.

    her last thoughts were, that she managed to be useful to someone dear, even in her last moments.


    once I woke up, I again went through hell, My head was about to explode, knoweldge that ive never had before, started appearing, spells, mystical locations and much more.

    it took a while for the pain to subside, and right after it disappeared I fell to sleep.

    A very deep sleep, where I had one weird dream that would change my life.


    Author here

    this marks the end of the first volume, I'm not going to give the description of the new abilities he just got from merging his previously sealed abilities and nada's, why don't you guys try guessing in the comment section :P
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