14 A drop of water.

    Some say dragons are born not made.

    those without talent can never catch up to the prodigies out there.

    Link did experience how hard it was to try and stand on the same league as such people but at the end of the day, he reached his end before he became equal.

    rather, he would probably have never been an equal even if he survived, the difference between them has grown so large there was literally no hope of catching up, he had already lost the race once.

    "Thank you, Nada"

    It was nothing but fortune, that he made Nada's acquaintance she gave him a chance, no it was more than a chance.

    she had given him the opportunity to break such a statement, 'she had made him a dragon'

    Her kindness, he would never forget, he swore that he would show those who looked down on her, just how strong her prowess that became a part of him is.

    They were going to regret their choices.

    Link stood up from his seated position, he was happy to discover that after his deep sleep all of his injuries healed, and his body was back to optimal state.

    taking in to note, he also seemed to be taller, his muscles more defined and flexible, than he had first walked in the dungeon.

    "I see that you have finally woke up"

    at first, Link was surprised at the sudden voice, but after taking in his surroundings he realized that he was in the large hall he had first come to when he walked into the dungeon.

    "Rashmar, how much time had passed since I joined the trial?"

    he questioned, guessing the identity of earlier voice.

    " It's been 4 weeks"

    "4 weeks in earthen or realmic?"

    "In earthen"

    Link let out a sigh of relief, he had slept so deeply weeks passed, and he didn't even wake up in between.

    he was fortunate enough to wake up before the merge happened though.

    Still he wasn't really in a good mood.


    still, he couldn't help but click his tongue.

    "'Blood is thicker than water?, I call bull**"

    he felt bitter at what happened to Nada, he didn't know, should he be happy or sad? he had benefited from her death, in exchange, he promised himself he'd hunt down those that caused her desperation, but was that really enough?

    "Don't overthink it, young man, some people are just fated to perish before they could reach their pinnacle"

    Rashmar's words were like an alarm going off in his head.

    "Fated huh"

    it sounded like a **ty joke to link, there was no such thing as fate, it was but the strong deciding the life of the weaker.

    claiming life at their whim, what fate took part in that, at the end of the day, you were dead if someone stronger wanted you dead.

    your strength decided your fate.

    Rashmar, with his corporeal body, could feel a suffocating rage build-up near him.

    even he felt threatened for a moment.

    so he decided to change the subject.

    "I assume you already met him."

    Link who had already steeled himself raised his head upwards, when he first entered this place, he could not locate Rashmar, but now with his sharpened senses, he could vaguely tell the guy's location.

    from above, slowly a worn out katana descended, patterns of unrecognizable magic were engraved on its blade.

    It was Dark Bane, but slightly different.

    It slowly fell into his hands.

    Link started slashing it around, he could feel the difference already, it was far sharper, and far lighter in his hands.

    after 30 minutes of testing, loud huff's could be heard in the huge hall.

    they were Link's of course.

    "Rashmar thanks. "

    Link's voice was brimming with happiness, essentially his katana was already a perfect blade, it could steal stamina, and life force, accelerate his thought process, while also connecting his body and mind to 100%.

    With one extra property, that took the katana to another level.


    Rashmar's voice sounded out in reply, one last time.

    "Your 2nd reward Anti-magic runes, you have little time till you are kicked out"

    and that was the last link heard of Rashmar.

    Link knew that no matter how much he yells at the guy, he would not respond, Rashmar had already made his position clear.

    Calming himself down, Link started observing the possibly himself for possibly any changes.

    He couldn't believe the reward that he had gotten from that man, the man that talked on his dream.

    The man named atlas.

    He didn't say much to him, actually, but all what he said, was still ecehoing through his head.

    "A man must be true to himself, never give up on his dreams, stand tall in the time of danger, keep his dignity, word, promises, till the day of his death, and if need comes be, he would be the first one to stand at the front to protect his loved ones"

    His words weren't something you'd excpect a god to say, but that was exactly what he said.

    "So take this young man, and protect those dear for you at all cost"

    " Asteria"

    [Link Oakshield]

    Strength: 1000 (E)

    Stamina: 1000 (E)

    Agility: 1000 (E)

    Perception: 1000 (E)

    Potential : infinite

    No racial  Limit

    Skills :

    Magic Cloak (G)

    The Body Of Atlas (SSS): Potential, NoRaceLimit,Talent.

    The god defying skill, that he gained, was the true meaning of cheat like.

    After spacing out for a while, link stood up and finally started walking out of the dungeon, Dark bane in his hands.


    Link stood on top of one of the highest skyscraper around.

    what used to be a city and streets with bustling people, now was an empty and desolate land.

    the sky was as gloomy as it could be.

    far off he could see, what seemed to be chained modern women, being led by knights with heavy armor.

    they looked like templar knights.

    Link took a breath in and started to remember the story behind earth.


    There are nine realms or worlds, they are classified by which came to be first.

    1st- Fairy realm

    2nd - Draconic realm

    3rd - High Elves realm

    4th - Helios realm

    5th - Demonic realm

    6th - Titans realm

    7th - Typhon realm

    8th - Atlantic realm

    9th - Undeath realm

    The Helios realm in which link was currently in, had 3 layers, lower, mid, and peak.

    its habitant was a diverse camp of humanoid races, from humans to dwarfs and halflings.

    but where link currently was, didn't belong to any of the layers previously, it was an isolated part of the helios world, where criminals were exiled, deprived of the world energy knows as mana.

    in other terms, the universe modern human was so curious about was nothing but a prison, they were cursed to live in because of their ancestor's fault.

    Link jumped off the roof toward the templar knights.

    a storm was coming, and link was its eye.
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