15 A drop of water part 2.

    The Helios and titan realms are currently at war with the demonic and undeath realms.

    in fact, these 4 realms were always in conflict with each other, the existence of the demonic and Undeath was unacceptable to the Titans and Helios, while the demonic and Undeath realms felt the same way towards the latter.

    the Helios killed demons at sight, and also the other way around.

    but it had never grown beyond that, until 25 realmic years ago.

    the Helios had waged war together with its ally the Titans against the so-called evil beings.

    and so the Age Of Apathy came to be.

    they had decided that it was only logical for the people of good to stand against evil.

    after almost an eternity that is.

    but as the war went on, the realms found themselves lacking in resources, so they took the 'righteous action' of taking people's freedom.

    Link, however.

    didn't care who was right and who was at fault.

    all he knew was that enslaving innocent people of earth was wrong.

    while he was no hero, he can't just ignore those that needed help gravely, he had seen children not above the age of 10 and women all shackled in the neck and arms.

    he would feel bad at himself if he didn't help them.

    Link had already acknowledged that whatever he was doing, he did for himself, he will save these people for the sake of himself and himself only, he was a selfish person to the core and he didn't mind that.

    selfish people do live long, but one had to help when one could afford to.

    and regardless, he needed an outled for his rage and these guys were just unfortunate enough to meet him, and his future plans included antanogizing alot of powers in the helios realms so it didn't really matter.

    so since he was enemy with them regardless, and they would find out about him sooner or later why not strike while he had the element of surprise? for now, they would at most think of him as a member of an opposing power.

    so he had nothing to lose, he was planning to leave helios after a while, so why not help the earth out of its predicament before he left, this place after all was his hometown.

    he would also grow stronger through the whole ordeal so it was a win-win situation.


    The team's scout noticed the silhouette of something gliding in the air toward their direction, so he ran toward the captain of this unit to report.

    "Captain!, there is something gliding towards us, it seemed to have jumped from the nearby building"

    the captain of the team proceeded to appraise the incoming threat.

    "Oh, its a human?"

    he mused, the captain's strength, obviously, was way stronger than the scouts, he logically could see more.

    after the members of the unit heard it was a human, they started laughing.

    "is this guy committing suicide?"

    "I would if I was him, hahaha"

    " filthy exiles, can't even suicide without ruining others mood"

    as they started making jokes about the impending danger, the captain's right hand, and second in command.

    decided he would use this opportunity to lift the men's morale so he joked around as well, and suddenly decided as he saw that link was only a second away from landing, that he would help him achieve his 'goal'.

    "Hey guys, take a look at this"

    the second in command took out his sword and slashed upwards, soon enough a huge icicle grew from the ground, its head aiming at the incoming link.

    it had grown so big, link was honestly surprised, he didn't think these knights would attack him, without even giving him a chance to introduce himself.

    well, if this was their greeting, it would be impolite to not greet back.

    controlling his weight, he changed his fall direction, thus dodging the incoming ice spike.

    without latency, he pinned his katana to the ice spike, his falling speeed slowed down remarkbly.

    once his legs touched the rgound link dashed at the knight.

    the laughing knight soon enough had his head beheaded, with one swift slash

    the knights alarmed by the death of their fellow comrade threw whatever they had at him.

    and link with his katana in the air, dashed forward, and like a ghost he walked between the knights in a very fast and efficient matter.


    "W-What just happ-ppend"

    the knights were shook, in their eyes link had some sort of reaper as he moved through them, beheading one knight after the other, with each time his katana moved.

    Link who didn't stop killing from the moment he reached the ground. he had to be as fast as possible when he slashed, and just as fast when he pulled his katana back.

    He didn't want to give these self righteous bastards and chance, each one of them had to die for him today.


    the captain stepped in, His face was as pale as it could be.

    "who the fu"

    before he could complete his sentence his battle instincts screamed death.

    he raised his sword in order to block whatever was coming.

    but it was futile, link twisted his wrist and spun in his location.

    the attack, changed its trajectory and the captain's head soon flew.

    the knights once again were surprised, before they could realize what was happening their captain had already met his maker.

    rage overpowered their rationality and they rushed at their enemy.

    But like a moth to a fire, they all fell down dead, the moment they reached the range of his blade.

    his blade dances in the air, taking life with each slash.

    the knights had never witnessed such a fighting style in their life before, their inexperience had cost them their life.

    not that they could fight against the blade even if they knew his fighting style.

    soon enough all the knights were dead, the blade were flashing with a blinding red hue, it took a couple of minutes for the hue to disappear.

    Link looked over the chained people, some had pissed their pants and the children were crying.

    'was I that scary?'

    link couldn't help but wonder.

    well, he had shredded those knights to pieces, so he might have gone a little bit over the top.

    but even though, link wasn't bothered by their reaction, it meant nothing for him.

    he sat down for a while till the group regained a bit of their calmness, then he walked towards the oldest women in the group.

    the women seemed to be in her 40s, with long black hair and bright green eyes, she seemed to be quite the beauty back in the day.

    "I have some questions"

    with no flowery words, link got straight to the point.

    " Do you perhaps know where they were taking you? "

    "uh..I.. "

    soon enough the women broke down and fainted.

    looking at the rest of the group link concluded that this just might harder then he thought it would be at first.

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