16 A drop of water - Part 3

    A man could be seen walking through the streets of the silent city, on his back, a huge felines corpse was hanged.

    Chains coiled around his arms, and two worn-out blades attached to them, fresh blood was visible on the blades.

    The man was of course link.

    after yesterday's event, he tried questioning other members of the group, but all he got was stutters as replies and cries of children, these people were very afraid of him.

    It wasn't that he looked scary or something like that, rather he had a very handsome visage coupled with blue eyes and dark hair, he was a true lady killer.

    but him killing the knights so brutally had a very visible effect on the groups' mentality, some were even traumatized and would cry and start begging for mercy at the sight of him.

    it was as if he had become a boogeyman.

    honestly, it was an understandable reaction after all these were modern people, hardly did they witness any shedding of blood.

    and links performance wasn't a simple show of just blood and Gore.

    it was a massacre.

    so he decided to put off, his questions until the group was truly ready to reply.

    afterward, he secured a safe area for the group, he couldn't just abandon them after saving their lives, that would make no difference than leaving them at the hands of death, and he would rather finish what he had started.

    so, early this morning, he went out hunting for prey.

    when the presence of world energy came in contact with the being of the earth, several animals mutated, even some instinct animals came to existence once again.

    but these beasts pose no challenge at all to the current link, their prowess were limited to F rank.

    the feline beast on links back was actually but a domesticated cat once, but after its mutation, it grew to become something like a tiger, but slightly larger.

    after walking for a while, link had made it to what seemed to be a high school.

    this was the place that he had chose for the previously enslaved humans.

    it was the closest place he had found that could host the group.

    the children were very tired and so were the elders so he chose the nearest place possible.

    stepping in, he walked through the empty hall towards one of the classrooms at the far right.

    entering the classroom, the people present were all alarmed, but instantly dropped their guard when they recognized his figure.

    at this sight, link concluded that the group was now in a better state of mind than yesterday.

    well, the majority of them...

    after checking in on their state, he walked out once again and started processing the huge cat.

    he hanged the corpse to the roof through its legs using a rope that he took from one of the corpses of the knights.

    and cut off the corpses head so that it would bleed out more easily.

    as he was dismantling, he heard the shaky steps of a human walking towards him.

    stopping his process he saw the women that he had tried to interact with the day before was the one approaching him.

    he could see that her body was shaking, her eyes full of fear, but she didn't stop heading toward him.

    at the sight of link turning around the woman stopped and slowly opened her mouth.

    "t-t-thank y-y-you" she said while bowing all the way down.

    'oh, she recovered faster than I thought she would'

    mused link, then he brought out the most peaceful smile he could, in vigilance that the women would faint once again.

    "Let me get you a seat"

    and just like that, a chair appeared in the hands of link, that was what the middle-aged woman saw, she thought to herself that he might have some kind of telekinesis ability.

    but in truth link just moved so fast that she couldn't even notice him leave his place.

    the Middle-aged woman, seemingly slightly more at ease sat down near him and mustered whatever courage she had inside to speak again.

    "I can't begin to tell you how grateful we are"

    Link noticed how she was speaking in plural, meaning she had become the group's leader.

    he smiled once again and replied.

    "I did what any other person would do aunty, take no heed to it, "

    "I... Don't know how to repay your kindness, but I do know that you need me to answer some questions, and I will do my best to cooperate"

    the middle-aged women seemed to gain confidence after remembering that she could be of help to her benefactor.

    "ah, that would nice of you, I only have a few questions, don't stress over it if you can't answer it's okay"

    "my first question is do you perhaps know where those people were taking you yesterday? maybe by chance you overheard them mention the location?

    " ...I'm sorry, I do not know" she replied in a disappointed voice.

    link wasn't expecting her to really know where they were taking her, but he threw it out there anyway.

    "Okay, off to the next question, where were you caught by those guys"

    at the sudden question, the middle-aged women answered with a slightly shaky voice.

    "I..i was on my way back to home from w-work"

    "wh-when what seemed to be like some kind of ga-gate from games, sh-showed up all around the w-world"

    "At-at first the portal remained still and unmoving but after a few days armies suddenly walked out, and ravaged and killed...they broke through my house, my husband tried to protect us but... but.."

    the middle-aged women suddenly broke into tears.

    "They killed my husband...Sob...Sob"

    "they..they.. took away my child"

    snot and tears mixed together, whoever said women looked pretty while crying was a freaking retard thought link to himself.

    link brought the crying women to his embrace and hugged her, he could relate to the pain of losing your loved ones so he did what was right at the moment.

    he had no sense of affection to the women but he could sympathize with her.

    after crying for quite a bit, the middle-aged women finally calmed down.

    link let her go and asked her one final question.

    "I know its hard for you too, but is there anything you remember that stood out, anything would be useful"

    the woman took a while to think about it before she answered.

    "there was this man with blue hair and red eyes, that seemed to be the leader of some army that were all riding on a kind of huge red-furred monkeys, he was the man who ordered the unit that had enslaved us"

    "Oh okay thanks a lot you can go ahead and head back to your companions, I'll be bringing you guys food in a jiffy"

    link flashed her one last smile and went back to dismantling.

    thinking about the information he had just received.

    'Akin Slider the beastmaster, so you also want a piece of the pie huh'

    link had a smile of genuine happiness on his face.

    he found the last bit of information quite interesting.

    'it seems like earth is worth more than I thought it to be'

    for someone such as akin to be here, some kind of treasure surely must be present.

    he was one of the so-called prodigies after all.


    after link was done dismantling the cat, he took out a huge pot from the next room and threw inside pieces of meat and added some water, salt, and other ingredients in.

    he was no cook, but he did know the basics.

    all was left now was a source of fire.

    he poured out some of his mana out and willed it to change to fire.

    soon enough fire showed up below the huge pot.
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