17 a drop of water - Part 4

    after the food was ready, he called in the people, soon what used to be a huge feline cooked body was now nothing but a pile of bones.

    signs of cheeriness finally started to appear on the faces of children, thus, making the parents happy.


    After the meal, the groups mood seemed to lift and more people opened up to Link.

    they had finally realized that link meant them no harm, the middle aged women from earlier that day, played a very important role in bettering Links image too.

    but that was not enough, at first link didn't know what to do with the group, after all he couldn't just stay here and take care of them all the time, he had to go, he was planning to leave them as soon as he trained a few of them so they can defend their comrades from what could aggravate them.

    but now he had an even better plan, considering the presence of Akin the beast master on earth, there just might be that person here too.

    He's named Stan Leek, one of the best support mages in the lower realm of Helios.

    Link was planning to ask him to cast a barrier for the humans of the earth, basically giving them a safe zone.

    you have to know that planet earth, was nothing but a speck of dust in the lower realm,

    the people that were sent here were the trash of the trash in the lower realm, so the presence of beast master akin stood out like a giraffe amidst a horde of cows.

    if by chance there was a treasure hidden In here, then it surely must of have drawn several people, even if he didn't find Stan Leek he might find someone just as capable.

    after Link was done planning his future steps, he took a chance to practice once again.

    back in the empty room that is his counsiousness, he started fighting the shadow opponent that appeared, ho had a similar figure to the stone king he had fought before without going over his limits.

    His growth had spiked up since he got Atlas's Body, which enhanced his talents to a godly level.

    but it frustrated him that he couldn't defeat even the single shadow once, this does mean he isn't using the full potential of his abilities.

    suddenly darkness enveloped him, and he could see himself back to his beginning spot, the shadow had sneer on his face as if mocking him, he didn't even know how he died.

    clearing his mind of all the distracting thoughts link jumped back into his fighting fervor state.


    The next week, Link packed himself some food and other necessities, he had stockpiled enough food for the group to last them for months, it was now time to set out on his search, after warning them and making sure they were secure enough, he taught them, how to practice the technique of \u003c\u003cBody Of Endless Battle\u003e\u003e, while also showing them how to operate the ancient god's astiera gift, to keep xhek on their progress. After he was done settling everything else he departed towards the north.

    With a huge backpack on him, Link started running, his figure blurred, as he dashed off.

    Link Agility was at the peak of E rank right now, and if he executed limit break, he could go even further.

    right now Link was probably the fastest person on earth, his agility was a E rank, and his strikes packed a huge amount of strength thanks to his strength.

    earth was basically his playground, well that was what he thought, until he heard about akin being here.

    what could probably draw such a figure towards this exiled land?

    he couldn't remember anything in particular about a treasure hidden, and that only served to confirm to him that this matter was a top secret event in the realm that only few got to know about.

    Link had already came to some conclusions about what could have been hidden on earth.

    as he sprinted through the streets link just hoped that his conclusions were wrong.





    In Scandinavia, the Norwegian mountains, sat a man on top of a red ape, that puffed smoke out of its nostrils whenever it exhaled.

    "Human's, such an arrogant creatures, setting their feet's on a sacred land they should have never touched, claiming it to their names, calling it their land, and building their silly architecture on it"

    "A foolish race that deserves what is coming for them."

    The hoarse voice of the blue haired man sounded out, as he judged a whole race as foolish, with no hesitation.

    But he was confident, because he knew what was under these mountains, he knew the godly existence below these lands.

    But soon his voice sounded out again, but this time much colder.

    " Have you found the little thief."

    The red haired man said, addressing the 5 men behind him.

    "Then what are you standing here for, GO AND FIND ME THE KEY"

    He yelled out impatiently
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