19 The sleeping mountain 2

    The dried tears on the kid's face, faded away, as he washed his face, Link who was standing near him, questioned while surveying the surroundings.

    "So... what's your name kid."

    At the question, the ten year's old kid, replied with a bit of reluctance.

    "My name is Emma.."

    "Emma that's a nice name, Wait, you're a girl?"  at the feminine voice Link replied.

    Link once again, looked over Emma, now that her face was cleaner, he did notice some feminine facial structures here and there.

    But because of how malnourished she looked and her short brown, he had mistaken her for a male.

    "Yes..." She replied, a bit scared, that he now knew she was a female, in the past week, she had witnessed unspeakable things happen, to female's regardless of age, she only managed to not have the same fate because of how she looked, and other people's misjudgment.

    But seeing the uncaring look Link had on his face, she let out a sigh of relief.

    Handing her a towel, he walked over to the huge bag pack, by the side, and pulled out something.

    Soon enough, another tent was standing next to his, with a camping mattress inside, a coat, and an electric lantern.

    "If you want to stick around, this tent will be yours, but you'll have to wash the dishes for it."

    He spoke out before going inside his tent, and starting to coat himself in mana.


    [Link Oakshield]

    Strength: 1354 (E)

    Stamina: 1306 (E)

    Agility: 1300 (E)

    Perception: 1410 (E)

    Mana: 567 (F)

    Potential : Infinite.

    No Racial Limit.


    Mana Cloak (G) 57% mastery.

    Body Of Atlas (SSS) 100%

    Link had never stopped training on his trip, but mainly focused on his mana, which was slowly catching up with his other stats.

    And because of how much he used Mana Coat, it had reached half max mastery, which is not bad considering he never applied it in battle.

    After cloaking himself in mana, Link got down, and started doing pushups, slowly clearing his mind and spreading his senses, while maintaining the Mana Cloak reinforcement.

    He was actually kind of envious of Emma, her stealth skill was at least rank B, and it was pretty useful too.

    When the world energy, that is mana, came in contact with the people of earth, some people, started to awaken the abilities of their ancestors, like Emma, who inherited a stealth skill.

    But unlike her, Link, in the past, didn't awaken any skill, and he had to go through a lot of hardships, because of how weak he was.

    He subconsciously stretched his hand toward his neck, and caressed where once a slave mark was implanted.

    He had only managed to survive because he had met people of the same mindset as his, and they teamed up, pushing through the hardships that they faced together.

    the memories that he just remembered triggered the passion of growing stronger making him once again put much more effort into his training.

    Because of how focused he was he couldn't feel the passing of time, and soon enough, the sky became dark, and with it, came trouble.

    Link's senses picked up on 24 life signals, lurking around, encircling his camp, without further ado, he put on his blue mountain jacket and walked out of the tent.

    Emma who had also sensed the ominous atmosphere, walked out of her tent with worry visible on her face, with the oversized clothes Link had given her, on, she ran towards him.

    Suddenly something hiding from the bush nearby jumped out, with its mouth opened wide, aiming for the running prey.

    Emma who had seen the huge creature's fangs and cold eyes, tripped on her oversized clothes, and fell on the snow, closing her eyes expecting worst.

    But what she felt was not the snapping of the terrific mouth on her head, rather a strong gust of wind and soon after the shaking of the ground.

    As she opened her eyes, what she saw, made her mouth gap in surprise.

    Link standing in front of her, with his Mana Cloak on, and a gigantic grey wolf laying on the ground with its skull bashed in, a very visible fist mark on its bashed forehead.

    Looking back to Emma, Link said.

    "Stay close."

    Right after one wolf after the other, started jumping at him, some trying to bite his head off, some trying to pin him to the ground and some even trying to sneak attack him or jump at Emma.

    But all of them experienced the same result, Link beating the ** out of them with his fists alone, he was reluctant to use Dark Bane because he had just cleaned it, so he decided to deal with this pack of wolf's using his fists.

    The wolf pack, that consisted of 24 at first, now only had 10 wolfs left.

    They stood surrounding Link, growling with hatred in their eyes, from amidst them, a slightly bigger white Albanian wolf, started to walk towards Link.

    "You're the alpha huh"

    'He's at E rank, well that's rare, did it devour its own pack members?'

    Link was alarmed, He didn't have Dark Bane on him, and didn't expect for the alpha to be on the same rank as him.

    'I have to finish this fast'

    He didn't want the other wolves to pounce on Emma while he was on a lock down with the alpha.

    The slowly approaching Albanian wolf, leaped at Link with its jaw open.

    Emma slowly watched as the wolf's jaw closed on Link's arm, with glee in its eye's, horrified, she wanted to scream for him to run away, she didn't want someone else to die protecting her again.

    "Enjoy your last bite, asshole"

    But then, Link's voice sounded out, with his fist raised up high, on top of it a very high amount concentrated amount of mana.

    He brought down, his fist of wrath on the wolf's head, who instantly let go of Link's arm in fear and retreat.

    But it was too late.


    The Albanian wolf, like the other wolf's, had its skull crushed to oblivion, cracks appeared on the ground, that received the might of Link's fist, and like a spider web they started to spread.

    Link raised his head and glared at the rest of the wolf's, who finally started to retreat in fears.

    A moment after they left, Link sat down to catch his breath, that last attack, had drawn all of his Mana, which left him drained.

    'Wait what's this'

    He could feel small almost unnoticeable vibrations on the ground.

    Raising his head up to look at the mountain, Link could feel something coming down.

    he made a wild guess, before grumbling.

    An avalanche for sure.

    'Just how unlucky can I be'
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