20 The sleeping mountain 3

The avalanche devoured tree by tree, monsters were buried one after the other as they screeched, screamed, trying to escape.

Link at the very front with Dark Bane in his hand, that he had grabbed at the last moment, cursed his luck while sprinting off in the distance, Emma was no extremely confused, and even a bit frightened.

Had her hands gripping hard on the bag.

Links speed was just enough for him to out speed the avalanche and not throw off Emma, but he knew that he would run out of stamina soon.

He kept slashing at every creature that showed up his way, for that bit of extra stamina that he steals every time, while eyeing every place, for a safe spot.

But his bad luck streak seemed to be persistent as he couldn't find an escape from his current predicament.

Rather, it worsened even further as if his luck held a grudge from Link's cursing, he had reached a very wide crevice.

He of course had the enough strength to jump over to the other side, but he wasn't quite sure he could do it, with the heavy bag pack and Emma on his shoulders.

  "There is no other choice, I have to make it, Emma hold on as hard as you can, I'm going to jump."


But before Emma could reply, Link jumped over with Limit Breaker activated, but he frowned as he noticed himself falling down shortly after.

  'Shit its not enough'

He thought, before mustering every last bit of mana left in his body as fast as he could.


The mana, blew up his veins, as they traveled in a very rapid, and reckless manner towards his legs.

He couldn't bother with control, the more seconds that passes, the less his chances of success in making the jump.

As soon the Mana reached the bottom of his feet's, Link combusted it, damaging his legs in the process.

But it was worth it as he managed to jump over and finally land.

Falling flat on his face, the bag and Emma was thrown off his shoulders, unable to keep on holding on.

If they were late by just a second, they would have fallen inside the deep crevice, possibly loosing their lives in the progress, buried by the incoming avalanche, their corpses to never be found.

Emma, who had just fallen, instantly stood and ran up to Link frantically, with extreme worry apparent on her face.

Flipping him over her face grimaced.

Seeing his bloodied legs, and the bite mark of the Albanian wolf on Link's arm, fear grew in her heart.

She had just met him, but he had tried his best to protect her.

She didn't know what to do, she hated the feeling of being helpless, being unable to help those who needed her help.

Her head dropped on his chest as she started to cry.

  "Sir...please....please..don't die..."

She swore to herself, that if he didn't die, she would grow so strong that nothing would ever cause her or any of her dear friend's harm anymore, no matter what.

And as if the gods responded to her, she felt the warmth of a hand on top of her head.

  "My Name's Link."

With a smile on his face, he patted her head.






  "It's going to take a while for my mana vein's to completely heal, but my legs are healed for the most part at least now I can move without any troubles."

Link mumbled as he unbandaged his legs. His Mana Pool thankfully was undamaged, so it was but a matter of time for his veins to heal.

Suddenly he felt something tug on his clothes, turning around he saw Emma with a cheerful smile, holding what seemed to be a bowl of warm soup with smoke coming out of it.


He started to eat his meal, while thinking about the past week.

After they had found an abandoned cottage in the middle of the forest. Emma who had become much more comfortable with Link, slowly started to act her age again, with a smile on her face, she jumped all over places, with curiosity in her eyes, and never stopped pestering Link with questions.

She even asked him to teach her how to become stronger.

Link had no problem with that so he started training her, using the knowledge he had gained from Nada, he tested her talents, while slowly regaining his strength.

But he was surprised at how talented she was.

She was extremely talented, she picked up everything he taught her in a flash, he hadn't taught her anything advanced yet, but her talent was apparent already.

It was here that a problem had arisen, her best talent, wasn't in katana's like Link, rather she was more suited towards the spear.

But thankfully, he soon found a solution for that, a spear art manual, that Nada had practiced in the past, one of the few benefits that being the daughter of the dragon king had brought her.

\u003c\u003cDragon's Fury. \u003e\u003e

A simple name for a very broken technique, she could rise up to D Rank without using any PT.

The Body of Endless Battle, that he used to practice, was trash compared to this.

But the technique had very strict requirements, one of them being extremely talented with the spear itself.

And never practicing any other kind of weapons, extreme dedication, and an unbreakable heart for martial arts.

But regardless of the restrictions, the Manual had in it the foundation part that could pull her up all the way to D rank without PT, but it didn't stop there, as there was also instructions for after the rank D that she could train in, she would gain strength far faster than others, and draconic abilities that belonged to the dragon race, as long as she stuck to it.

  'Tsk, I need to find me a suitable Manual soon'

He couldn't keep on training only using regular push ups and squats etc., it is very inefficient and wasted too much time.

But Link, wasn't really that impatient, he already had a manual in mind, its just that he had to go to another realm for him to get it.

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