156 The Time - Death - Dream - Spatial Law - Chapter 156

    After Brion got out from his underground base he noticed that people the hunters started getting out of their houses.

    As he watched them he felt a little bit bad actually, living like this without anything to do just hunt every day for food must be a bad thing for them.

    At that time system, the new mission manifested itself.

    "Investigate The Deep Ice Village Management"


    "There is something wrong with how these people are living, your mission is to investigate the management and crush them if necessary, If you see evil things other than how they are swindled by the "Management"

    " Reward " = 2 AB Points

    " Punishment " = None)

    Brion smiled as he got his new mission. Before he starts this new mission he has to use his "AB" points and improve his "Laws" this is a thing he must do for himself.

    He looked around for some time and then finally entered his underground base again.

    After he entered his base he sat on the bed he made for himself and started thinking,

    "I have 3 AB Points, I must think about what I need to improve"

    For answering these questions he started looking at his existing laws and their power.

    - Primary Laws -


    "Death Law" - %0.02"

    "Time Law" - %0.01"

    "Dream Law" %0.1"

    "Spatial Dimension Law" %0.01


    - Secondary Laws -

    "Biology Law" - %0.1"

    "Ghost Law" - "%1.0"

    "Robotic Law" - "%0.1"

    "Puppet Law - %0.1"

    "Construction Law" - "%0.1"

    After Brion inspected his laws for a little bit of time he smiled and started thinking again. The reason he smiled that having many laws just made him happy

    "Adding points to Death Time Spatial Time Law may look good at first but improving them is taking too much time"

    It does not matter what Brion thinks about this situation. The last fight was hard because he did not have any "Primary Laws" that strong against to contend with two "Primary Laws"

    The power of "Dream Law" is not the same as "Death Law" even if their value is the same, how vague and important the "Law" is the thing that shows how powerful it is going to be.

    Origin Law was strong because it was the "Origin" of many things only laws like "Time" "Dimension" "Space" and "Death Law" could contend with it.

    Brion then whispered to himself.

    "System uses 1 AB Point on "Spatial Dimension Law"

    After his words were over he suddenly started seeing different things, this is always happening because the "Laws" are understanding of matter and adding law understanding with points a little bit of weird-thing and instant understanding.

    - Spatial Dimension Law -

    "The forest was colossal, misty, and prospering. Its canopy was demanded by an asp, yew, and maple, enough light shimmered through their crowns for a variety of plants to reign the branch and twig laden ground below.

    Curving climbing plants clung to a couple of trees, and a mishmash of flowers, which were seen occasionally, added playful elements to the otherwise brown view.

    A clamor of beastly sounds, which were caused by bird songs, added life to the forest, and almost completely muffled the rustling of the leaves and branches of the treetops in the wind. "

    Brion could not make sense of why he saw a forest with different elements, the forest itself was good but he did not know what kind of connection there is between a forest and "Spatial Dimension Law"

    If he wants to understand it it means that he needs more understanding of "Spatial Dimension Law"

    Spatial Dimension Law is actually "Space and Dimension Law Merged", these two laws are too vague that everything can be seen from it.

    Brion this time did not care about it looked at his law

    "Spatial Dimension Law" %0.02"

    It may not look like a big improvement but as a holder of the "Law" Brion knew how much difference there is between %0.01 and %0.02, basically if Brion used "Spatial Dimension Law" against "Dimension Law %0.1" in a short time his law will be easily crushing the other "Law"

    With this improvement, there are "2 AB Points" left that Brion can spend.

    It makes sense using all of the points on "Spatial Dimension Law" but if he does that his other laws stay at the same place with weak power making them useless.

    Brion then whispered to the system after deciding.

    "System put one point to "Dream Law" and the last point to "Time Law"

    After his words finished, Brion gulped as he started seeing a dream, in his dream he saw many creatures, trees, plants, and stars but at the end of the only thing he saw was a big-antique clock from the earth symbolizes the law of "Time"

    Of course in history, the law of "Time" had many symbols but the most vivid image that come to mind when a person hears the word of time is a clock.

    At least from the perspective of a "Human From Earth" which was Brion's first life.

    - Primary Laws -


    "Death Law" - %0.02"

    "Time Law" - %0.02"

    "Dream Law" %0.2"

    "Spatial Dimension Law" %0.02

    Brion nodded as he looked at his status, his laws are all improved and he knew that if he battles with the "Origin Dimension Eater Octopus", it will not take long and he doesn't need to use "Secondary Laws"

    Spatial Dimension Law and Dream Law easily crush the "Dimension Law %0.1" and Time and Death Law instantly render "Origin Law" useless by making it never existed (Time Law) and killing it (Death Law)

    Brion also looked at his "Mind" status, because he knew that every time he upgrades his laws the attribute of the "Mind" will improve too.


    "Mind" - = 170 = (Galaxy Emperor Level)

    "Physical" - Not Relevant

    All of the "Law" improvement caused the power of "Brion" to rise another level and increase the "Real Emperor Level"

    Before he was talking about he was a "Galaxy Emperor" it was nothing else than a "self-proclaimed title"

    Brion then started stabilizing his power and mind because of the sudden increase in power.
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