157 Talk With Viras - New Mission - Chapter 157

    After Brion stabilized his powers, he first took a deep breath as always and then left the basement then his home

    His new mission is the investigate the management of the Deep Ice Village, as always the first rule "not to use too much power" still stays.

    Even if it was not Brion was not going to use his powers for everything, He wants to deal with many things with his wits and minimum power.

    This is how power is used in a good way and how he improves not too dependant on the powers.

    With these thoughts in his mind, he went to the home of Viras, the village leader.

    After he entered from the door only two-person was on guard, They looked at the Brion and recognized him easily without too much of a problem.

    Name of these two was Riano and Leftar, they were special guards of the "Viras" and probably the best fighter and hunter in the village after "Levas" who was the best fighter and hunter in the village itself.

    At that time Riano who looked like a man at the age of 30 to 35 and with a strong body build and a little bit more gray white-fur on his body asked.

    "Why are you here newcomer."

    Brion looked at the eyes of Riano and then Leftar, they both looking at him with attention and ready to attack him with the bone-spears on their hand.

    For normal people it is scary, but for Brion, it was just funny,

    "I am here to see Village Leader, Viras"

    Riano shook his head and answered.

    "He is eating food right now therefore not available, come back later if you want to talk to him"

    Brion smiled and started talking again.

    "Tell him mysterious newcomer came and wants to talk to him, he will stop eating and talk to me"

    As Brion spoke a chilling air started gathering around him, Brion used the basic trick to give an impression of the weirdness and power of ice.

    Riano and Leftar were about the say no to "Brion" but after they felt the chilling aura Brion has Riano nodded and opened the door and entered the room and just five seconds later he gets out of the room and gives permission the Brion to enter the room of Viras.


    Brion entered the room and noticed that Viras was still eating his meat, It looked like meat from a different kind of big-fish,

    Brion just walked and sat on the couch made of leather of animals just in front of the Viras.

    At that time, Viras finished eating his food and drank some water, and wiped his hands with the towel made up of leather as he started talking.

    "Hi, Brion why you wanted to see me."

    Brion started talking.

    "I want to know about the management of the village, is there are things that I don't know other than swindling the commissions giving meat and leather to "Ice Village Community"

    Viras did not show surprise on his face was but his emotions were shaken, Brion easily caught that if he wanted he could just clear everything but this kind of approach is more good for himself for an earlier reason such as improving his power.

    After five seconds Viras answered.

    "I am not sure what you are talking about every %2 of commissions taken from the hunters given to people of this village"

    Brion rolled his eyes, He was bored to hear such lies and asked again.

    "Viras, I am not a kid or slaves like people in this village you should know by now that you could not deceive me with these kinds of words"

    As Brion finished speaking, he touched one of the leather-bowl on the table that Viras was eating his food, and just in a half-second the plate itself turned completely to "Ice" it was rock hard and it was no longer leather at all.

    With this performance Viras, this time gulped and got up from where he was sitting on and started talking.

    "I am sorry, Lord Brion, I did not know that you are an esteemed "Ice Sage"

    At this point Brion caught a glimpse of what he wanted to know, He used basic mind energy to freeze the leather-bowl and with this only performance the latter "Viras" called himself "Ice Sage"

    Brion in his mind started thinking about this "Ice-Sage", he thought that it should be some kind of mage who can use water or ice elements that fits the environment and it should be natural for an intelligent being blessed with magical energy to control or create the element he or she is most familiar with.

    Brion made a sign for Viras to sit down and Viras complied without thinking as he sat down,

    There are no overbearing of a village leader left in his eyes, he knew that in the eyes of an Ice-Sage who can use ice and snow even water some degree to crush the whole village he was no important than an ordinary human at all.

    At that time Brion started talking.

    "Tell me about how the system works, what kind of things you are giving to Ice Village Community"

    With his words, Viras started talking without stopping.

    "Other than meats and leather, we give beautiful women and children as workers or slaves, women are taken by from their husband in exchange of food and children are kidnapped by the workers of the Ice Village Community"

    "Most of the woman worth five kg of meat and children's worth five of meat too and if they have to be potential of being an "Ice Sage" they will worth 15 to 30 kg meat depending on the age of the children After we paid for the children and woman we have to give %10 percent of it the Ice Village Community back as taxes"

    "The commission we take for Deep Ice Village is a commission that we have to take to give the "Ice Village Community" in the exchange of not destroyed by them, each transaction of meat or leathers are recorded by "Ice Village Community" and in each transaction, we have to %10 percent of the meat or leather to them"

    Brion took a deep breath as he listened.
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