158 Turning Into The Ice - Ice Sage - Chapter 158

    Afterwords of Viras over, Brion started thinking.

    "At first they just looked that they taking meat and leather from the other village with giving them protection but it seems they have more evil thoughts than I thought it was"

    Brion right now knew that Ice Village Community is some sort of an organization that have the control of "Ice Villages" around the "Nighiram Ice Region" which Brion learned from the Viras,

    They use commissions and different kinds of economical techniques to look like they giving something in return to the village people and keep them steady without any hope or ideas of resisting to control.

    In the return, they earn meat, leather, and woman from the Ice Villages and the children that they found that capable of being a sage which is using magic to cast ice spells, taken by them so that they could brainwash them and have control of them in the future.

    In this kind of thing.

    Ice Village Community have a different kind of products for selling the other regions, village-people don't know that there are other places than "Ice Biome" they only know all of the world surrounded by snow and ice and don't know the outer-region.

    Ice Village Community uses some foods for themselves and sells the "Leather", White-Fur Woman for prostitution and they some times even shave the "White-Fur" on the women because it is more good feel on it compared the male white fur.

    At the same time by brainwashing children capable of casting spells they having their battle power at full.

    Brion doesn't like this thing but if he says that he was not impressed he would be telling lies.

    The currency used is "Dhiras" some kind of stone which have a tiny little bit of magical energy on them.

    Brion from now on then knew that if Ice Villages and White-Fur Humans had their freedom they could easily create their country and become a force of reckoned with.

    But right now they are controlled by a bunch of ice-mages who created the Ice Village Community organization.

    Brion took a deep breath and at that time a man and female entered the room of Viras, Viras got up directly and walked swiftly towards to side of the woman.

    Brion just takes a look at the woman and man who entered the room, He knew the man he was one of the guards of Viras but the woman is not a person he saw before.

    But with one look he could easily see the woman is not an ordinary human at all.


    " Order 3 - Continent Student Level 3 "



    "Ice Spear"

    "Ice Aura" (Cast an aura of "Ice" around of user freezing and chilling the weak life-forms.)

    "Ice Blast"( Cast an Ice-blast to target in front of the user, freezing or killing the target, 5 meters distance)


    "Ice Immunity - Level 3"

    "Ice Magic" / Natural, Ice Magic can use "Ice" energy without needing to use of spells -

    The thoughts of Brion were correct, Ice Sages were talking about magic-users with the element of "Ice", of course, compared to the ordinary ice element mages they have more affinity with the ice because of the living environment and their race - White-Fur Human Race.

    At that time, the woman started talking with an icy tone, which fits her right,

    "Leave the room all of you"

    After the woman spoke, Viras and others left the room, the woman walked slowly and sat on the where Viras was sitting before.

    She wore a nice-quality white-robe with white-hood that enchanted with magic. She has funds to spends herself.

    At that time woman started talking.

    "I am Niamas,I am from Ice Village Community, guardian of Outer-Members"

    Brion smiled and shook his head and he spoke.

    "I thought you guys were more powerful beings, as I can see how you control these weak-beings without having to use force"

    Niamas took a deep breath and just rolled her eyes out as she asked a question.

    "What is your purpose to be here in the Deep Ice Village, this place belongs to "Ice Village Community"

    Brion again laughed little and asked.

    "I thought you guys were only taking commissions from the village-people in the return of protection"

    This time Niamas furrowed her bright-white furrows, She was feeling suppressed. When she knew about some kind of strong person come to this village she only thought that these villagers are too inexperienced always believe having big muscle = big power.

    But right now she knew that she was wrong, She already used "Ice Aura" to give the person in front of herself a scare but the person did not even flinch.

    At that time she noticed the frozen leather-bowl on the table and this time she asked a different question. Ready to fight with the enemy with all of her power.

    "What is your purpose, Last time I am asking this."

    This time Brion got a little bit angry and spoke with an uprising in his tone of voice.


    As he yelled, Other than the mouth of the Niamas all of the body, hands, legs have frozen like an ice sculpture.

    Brion got up from his seat and whispered.

    "I will not kill you, go and relay my message, from now on then I have the ownership of the Deep Ice Village"

    After Brion spoke, Niamas about to talk but she found herself outside of the Deep Ice Village,

    After Brion teleported Niamas out of the Deep Ice Village, he shook his hands, and Viras and her guards all of them in his control like puppets.

    With this new move, Brion completed the mission.

    "Investigate The Deep Ice Village Management"



    "There is something wrong with how these people are living, your mission is to investigate the management and crush them if necessary, If you see evil things other than how they are swindled by the "Management"

    " Reward " = 2 AB Points

    " Punishment " = None)


    Brion started thinking about what to do with these Ice Village Community and what his next mission of his.
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