4 Powers - Chapter 4


    Brion did not understand how time goes fast. Because It started to become dark around, He does not want to pass the time in the forest at dark.

    He quickly returned to his cave.

    After returning to his cave, He closed the entrance with the stone and went a little deeper into the cave.

    "Level UP"

    "User is now Level 2

    "+2 Ability Points - +2 AT Points"

    "Abilities will be now divided"

    (Passive Abilities)


    (Active Abilities)


    " - Brion -"


    HP = 200

    Mind Energy = ..."

    (Cant be numbered by the system for the time being. User mind power is equal to Brain Power + Mind Attribute )

    "Level - "2"

    "EXP = 0.0"

    "STR = "1"

    "Agility ="1"

    "Endurance = "1"

    "Mind" = "4"

    (Because of some kind of transformation, user changed his "INT" attribute to "Mind")


    AT Points = 2 (can be used for improving the stat points of the user)

    Ability Points = 2 ( Improve the level of abilities instantly)


    Passive Abilities


    "Mind Meditation Level 3 (+15% Mind Power Control +10% Mind Power +15% Clear Mind)"


    Active Abilities

    Fire Illusion Level 1 (Can be used to create Fire Illusions)

    Mind Radar Level 1 (Can be used for sending waves of mind power to feel them around)

    Brion was beginning to understand things.

    Indeed, as long as he continued to move forward in a certain way, and sometimes after hunting, he earned XP points as if he were in a game. After these points reached a certain level,

    He leveled up like he was in an RPG-game.

    When he leveled up, he was rewarded with Ability Points and AT Points by the system.

    "Although the system is like a game, if I try to fight against a strong creature than me, I could lose my life in seconds."

    Brion began to think about where to use the points he had now.

    "AT Points will be used for "Mind" I don't need other things for the time being"

    That's what Brion thought. And then he whispered lightly

    "System, add At Points to "Mind" Atrittube"


    "Mind" = "6"


    Brion, after seeing the "Mind" Window, instantly lost consciousness.

    He came to himself about three to five seconds later.

    After he came himself, he understood that he felt more and can think better than usual. His mind power improved too

    "Damn This feeling is beautiful!"

    After speaking on its own, Brion transferred his Ability Points points directly to "Mind Meditation" without thinking too much.

    He didn't need to use the points right now for "active" ability.

    At least this was his idea.

    "Mind Meditation Level 5

    (+30% Mind Power Control +20% Mind Power +30% Clear Mind)"

    (+1%Mind Power Creativity)

    Brion seemed to lose consciousness slightly after receiving information from the blue panels again.

    He was starting to feel like he was back in the clouds again, and he was feeling so good that he can't imagine one thing that makes him feel so good in his old life on earth

    Brion understood that what he could do with "Mind Power" as long as he improved.


    It was becoming hard to see in the cave. This made him feel bad.

    Because of that Brion started thinking again.

    "In my previous world, according to the information given in a certain way, there were two most logical ways to do something with the power of the mind. Someone was dreaming of creativity. The other was that by connecting with reality and using an example that one believes or exists,"

    Brion began to laugh lightly with this thought.

    "Of course, when you think that way, a lot of things get easier."

    Brion, along with this thought, closed his eyes lightly and began to think.

    "Cats' eyes can be seen in the dark. I think my eyes can see like them."

    After whispering those words, Brion directed his "Mind Power" energy directly into his eyes.

    For a few seconds, his eyes were lightly burned from the heat. After waiting for a few more seconds, he opened his eyes. He could see the cave-like it was outside in the morning,

    And there was a constant flow of energy to his eyes.

    Brion smiled and whispered through it with this new invention.

    "Thoughts that match reality or thoughts about what one believes can be more easily activated by Mind Power"

    After Brion said those words, he closed his eyes and the cave was dark for himself again.

    "System, can you name this Ability?"

    Brion was waiting for direct approval from the system. But at the time, the system gave him an unexpected answer.

    "Every level user had to chance to name (two "active") abilities and save them for later use"

    Brion knew what that meant. But he said he still had to keep the system going.
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