5 The Figuratively - Chapter 5

    A few seconds later, the system showed himself his new ability and it is named, along with the sound of "ding".

    "New Active Ability"

    "Mind Cats Eyes" Level 1 (User can see like the cats with the using mind power on his eyes)

    Active Slot = 3 (Max 4)


    Brion understood why this was the case.

    At each level, he could only add two abilities to his system.

    This was done to prevent something simple.

    "The system doesn't want me to create a bunch of skills and make them stronger using the Ability Points. Even If I had chance add more abilities It is not going to work anyway because I don't have enough Mind Power for it"

    Brion smiled lightly.

    "I have no right to say anything about this, and the system is helping me a lot already."

    With this thought, Brion gathered pieces of wood together and focused on his finger after slightly pointing.

    "Let there be fire"

    Brion realized that with this thought, he had energy coming out of his finger. This energy was naturally "Mind Power" energy.

    Brion after focusing lightly, simply managed to light a fire at his fingertips. What he wanted was to light a fire where his finger show."

    "It seems that I need to specialize in different thinking and using mind power than different than usual to send the elements directly away."

    Brion knew that the fire at the end of his finger consumed "Mind Power" as fuel, so he quickly placed his finger between the branches and the wood, and after he lit the fire, he thought and fire in his fingertips extinguished with his thought

    Brion started to prepare the chicken he hunted for the cooking after he finished preparing the chicken he put it on fire.

    When he was waiting for the chicken cook he started to think.

    "Maybe I'm in a very strange and unknown place. But in return, I finally can live my dreams"

    After chicken is cooked nicely he ate it and.

    Then he fell asleep on a flat rock in the cave. he had to improve his power more tomorrow so he needs to rest.

    At the same time, it was necessary to create an attacking-ability in a short time as possible.


    When Brion opened his eyes, he saw that he was still in the cave, and a big smile appeared on his face.

    He was happy to know that everything he did yesterday wasn't just a dream.

    He didn't have any family in his previous world, or someone he loved, so he didn't care about his old world anyway.


    After Brion stood up, he quickly exited from the cave and began to think in the plain-green flat area in front of the cave.

    "I need to think of skill for attacking. The ability should be practical and at the same time it shouldn't tire me so much after using it a few times."

    Brion put his hand on his chin and started thinking. From an attack point of view, the most logical abilities were related to "elements."

    The most famous and known of these was naturally known as Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

    But Brion didn't want to create that kind of talent, even if it was for a simple talent.

    Many of the elemental abilities were abilities that were weak against counter-elements.

    For example, if he creates an attack ability that uses a fire element, there might be no chance of an attack against someone who uses water ability or has water-body and element.

    At the same time, Brion had a simple understanding by continuing to think and based on his current experiments.

    "If an ability contains an "element" or "specialty" other than Mind Power, it's harder to control and use"

    That's what Brion thought. At the time, he received another surprise from the system that he didn't expect.


    "Ability Points +1"


    "AT Points +1"

    The system wasn't explaining to Brion about how to earn rewards from it. But for someone like Brion who has constantly researched "mental abilities," it wasn't that hard to understand.

    "The system rewards me if I think about in the right direction without using any kind of source to copy from"

    Brion began to think of something to create an attacking ability before using his points this time.

    At that time, a creature emerged from inside the forest. Brion knew this creature. It had slightly familiar burned stains on his back.

    This was a creature called Direwolf, It was the same Direwolf Brion fought yesterday when he was drinking water, and he was now looking at himself with menacing and more angry eyes than before.

    Brion, this time, he wasn't as scared as before. He just focused lightly on the creature and started thinking.

    "Fire Illusion"

    With Brion's words, Direwolf acted as if he were on fire again.

    Brion noticed another different situation during his time with this ability. Because it was stronger than before, mind power was used less than before.

    That's probably because he's learning how to use mind power skills.
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