6 The Way - Chapter 6

    For a while Direwolf started to make moves like it is in the fire.

    Brion knew if he wanted he can set the Direwolf in a real fire.

    But he had no intention of doing that right now.

    He breathed lightly and stopped his ability and began to speak in a serious and authoritarian tone after looking at the eyes of Direwolf who was looking at him.

    "I don't want to hurt you. But if you keep coming to my home, I'm going to hurt you. I know you understand me you are smarter than you look."

    Brion, as he said his words, tried to communicate with Direwolf using mind power energy.

    What he was trying to do was the simplest form of His Telepathic ability.

    He couldn't exactly communicate with The Direwolf.

    He had the improve his Mind Power much more to directly speak with the Direwolf in his mind.

    But this is not mean that he can't talk to him with a little bit of understanding between the Direwolf and himself.

    Direwolf continued to look at Brion with the anger in his eyes.

    Even if he is still showing his mouth full of sharp teeth to Brion. he understood what Brion meant.

    But his instincts outweighed him. Despite Brion's warning,

    It took a step towards him. When Brion saw this, he tried to talk again.

    "Do not get close. or I'll have to kill you!"

    When Direwolf heard Brion's voice, he took a step back and began to run into the woods after looking with angry eyes to Brion.

    Brion breathed slightly and whispered lightly.

    "I hope you don't have a pack."

    Brion trusted himself, but he wasn't sure if he could fight too many wolves at the same time.

    He can create abilities to fight against horde groups, but the problem is, he had to use Mind Power to use the abilities he had created.

    As far as he understood, he didn't have a lot of points yet because He do not have enough level and his "Mind" is only at the point of = "6"

    Brion, after that thinking, began to rethink his abilities.

    "To protect myself, I must create another different ability other than Illusion. It doesn't have to be a direct attack ability."

    Brion smiled lightly when he thought about it.

    "An important part of the mind is that it takes direction with emotions. Our feelings and emotional state direct our mind thoughts"

    Brion smiled and began to think after taking a deep breath.

    "Using emotions can be difficult right now."

    Brion, after a little thought, held his head lightly and he started to feel that his head was burning with pain.

    Thinking so much made his headache because of mind power.

    When he was thinking mind-power starting to become active.

    Because of that thinking so much will give him pain.

    "Once I've added the points I have, I can create an ability with new thoughts."

    Brion wouldn't normally use his points right away, but he couldn't do a lot of things he could think of right now. He didn't even have to try to test it.

    "System, 2 AT Points to "Mind" and 2 Ability Points to Mind Meditation"

    Brion lost consciousness for ten seconds after his words, and when he came to him, he began to see new information with his ding voices.


    "Mind Meditation Level 7

    (+50% Mind Power Control +35% Mind Power +50% Clear Mind)"

    (+2%Mind Power Creativity)


    "Mind = "8"


    When Brion woke up, he knew that his mind had developed significantly.

    He felt a lot more energy than before, and he could think easily. he had a fluid and clean mind, and at the same time,

    He felt his Mind Power density was increasing. This meant that both the amount and power had increased.


    "Now, I want to do a simple experiment."

    Brion looked around and saw a tree. After focusing on the tree,

    He imagined and created a sword with his mind power,

    He knew he created a sword with his mind power but he can't see it right now, and then he thought about attacking the tree trunk with a slight focus.

    With the end of his thinking, a simple sword cut tree trunk. He did damage the tree trunk as he wanted.

    He only damaged the tree with a 3 cm deep sword cut.

    That was a good talent.

    But Brion didn't like the Mind Power energy that talent spent.

    He could faint after using this ability 5 to 10 times in his simplest form.

    "Let's do another try"

    Brion focused on a different tree with this idea and thought the tree from inside was starting to burn.

    After a few seconds, the tree was starting to burn in the flames.

    This kind of talent could work directly in creatures like trees, such as mind and unconscious kind.

    But he couldn't do it against a human being.

    Or even a wolf-like Direwolf could have responded to such a simple attack.

    "Then I use a feeling they can't respond to against my goals."

    Brion smiled after his remarks.
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