10 Use Of Mind Power - Chapter 10

    Brion started thinking after eating the food he prepared for himself.

    "I have to go out and work much more to improve myself."

    Brion wanted to go out after he thought he has to improve.

    But when he realized it already became dark, he thought it didn't make much sense.

    He trusted himself but that was not the point, almost every human being knew that when the air gets dark, the area gets more dangerous than usual.

    This was not only true in the forest, but It was true in the cities too.

    He didn't want to work in the woods at night just because he trusted himself.

    There was a lot more he didn't know.

    And he did not want to die, because of a sneak attack from a monster in the woods

    With this thought, he finished his meal and slept directly.


    Elisa and Manar had already reached Ataya Village.

    They told the Ataya Village Leader about their events.

    Ataya Village Leader was a middle-aged and experienced man with the face of wrinkles.

    It shows that living in a village not hard and makes a person older-looking quickly than usual. Elisa and Manar said they found a mage.

    They didn't have enough power to deal with a mage.

    But they were also afraid that the mage offended by their behavior and start killing them.

    Three people were sitting around a campfire in the dark. There were houses around them but they preferred sitting in the campfire. These three people were Elisa, Manar, and Ataya Village Leader Rodra.

    Rodra, after a while of thought, made up his mind.

    They could not deal with a mage, but they had to chance to give this knowledge to somebody else who can look for this mage.

    Rodra took a breath of light, and after looking at Elisa and Manar, he started talking.

    "Convey this to the Lord of Tel-Mana City and wait for his decision. You will not deal or talk with this mage in any way other than what I say, and do not go the Ataya River area for the time being."

    Elisa and Manar showed that they understood by nodding their heads.

    And they got up from the campfire and started going to their own home. Rodra took a deep breath and continued to watch the fire in the dark.


    After Brion woke up. He went straight out of the cave. Right after 10 meters across the cave, Direwolf was watching him.

    Brion, after a while of thinking, started talking.

    "From now on, your name is "Satvan"

    Direwolf made a confirmation sign with his head and a smile like expression formed on his face.

    Brion, who also smiled lightly, took a big deep breath and began writing to the ground after taking a stick in his hand.

    "Attacking Ability"

    "Defensive Ability"

    "Escape Ability"

    Brion knew he had a chance to add three abilities for the time being.

    That's why he's starting to think about the abilities he needs for now.

    "First, I have to create an attack ability. It has to be practical and can be used in every way"

    Brion, after a light thought, he realized that he couldn't do much about it. He had a lot of choices.

    But he thought his choices are most likely will consume so much energy.

    Even if they are not consuming so much energy he did even know that if he had enough energy for the creative abilities in his mind.

    In particular, each of telekinetic capabilities was seriously energized.

    "When creating abilityIf I use only use "Mind Power" to make something happen or creating the ability the consumed "Mind Power" is drastically higher than usual. maybe what I have to do is combine those abilities with "logic and reality."

    Brion smiled lightly and after taking a deep breath, he pointed to a tree with his hand. And then, he started whispering.

    "The Air is the element of breathing It can bu pressurized for me to use and damage my enemies"

    Brion opened his eyes and thought about it after he said those words.

    The air around his hand gathered very quickly and formed a small dot of condensed air.

    After he thought about attacking the tree trunk he seeing.

    Within the seconds

    A small nail-sized hole was drilled in the middle of the tree.

    Brion had learned something new with this experiment.

    "If I work towards abilities that I believe, real, or any kind of "Logic" in it, It is easy to create new abilities, and the consumed "Mind Power" will be less than normal."


    Brion, after he thought like that, tried something even different.

    "The air is shaped like nails, and the number is increasing. After that, they move straight towards my goal."

    With Brion's thinking, the air around him gathered together to gain physical visibility, and then they became 10cm long nails in Brion's mind and began flying directly towards the tree that

    Brion was aiming for with his mind.

    The nails were pretty strong and did good damage to the tree.

    At that time, the system sent him a direct message.

    "Do user want to give this ability a name"

    Brion made a confirmation sign with his head and reactivated the talent. This time, instead of getting shape, all he did was shape the "air" into a spiral

    "Name this talent"
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