12 The Fire Tiger - Chapter 12

    Brion began to build his new ability with his new idea. He added a few points to his Mind Power and The Meditation Level so he already felt he was much better than before.

    "Mind Power will be going to form a shield around me, any kind of outside attacks and threats will be blocked by this shield with using Mind Power as fuel."

    Brion opened his eyes afterthought about the ability he wanted to create. After one to two seconds later he felt there was an invisible shield protecting him.

    The shield did not consume "Mind Power" hen it was in the idle state. Brion thought he had to see to shield the examine it better.

    So he gave color to his shield in his mind.

    Brion chooses the color of purple for his shield, and then the shield that was wrapping his body turned purple within seconds after Brion thought about it.

    Adding color to Mind Power, which he had because it was a direct thought and ability to with his mind, wasn't exactly a difficult ability that consumed a lot of mind power from himself.

    "It is good that it does not consume any number of mind power when it is in idle state."

    Brion wanted to try out how the shield under attack would work. But before that, he thought lightly and started talking to the system.

    "System, can you give this new ability of mine a name please"

    A few seconds later, He got a response from the system with a ding sound resonated in his head of course.

    "New Ability"

    "Purple Mind Shield" (User uses his Mindpower to create a shield around his body.

    The Mind Shield will absorb and block the attacks with using the Mind Power as energy" as well as another kind of threat to user life (Temperature, Atmosphere, Or any kind of other adaptation" can be given the user with this shield. Of course, using mind power as a fuel.




    Underwater No Air + Purple Mind Power Shield = Brion can breathe as long as he has enough mind power


    (Color can be selected by the user)


    Brion smiled lightly when he saw the name of the ability.

    But he didn't think much about it, and he began to talk with Direwolf Satvan to test his new defensive ability.

    Satvan didn't know what he meant at first.

    Brion had to talk to Satvan for about five minutes.

    In the end, Satvan understood what Brion wanted from him.

    It was harder than giving classical orders.

    Because Satvan did not want to attack Brion at all costs.It was turning an instinct for him.


    Brion stood 5 meters far from the Direwolf Satvan and made a confirmation nod with his head.

    Direwolf Satvan, after he saw the approval from the Brion, pounced towards Brion and used his claw to attack his, left shoulder at the same time Brion activated his new ability.

    "Purple Mind Shield"

    After Brion whispered his new ability, he covered his whole body with a purple shield-like egg-outer shell. Direwolf Satvan's attack at the time also reached its target.


    After hitting Brion's shield, the Satvan claw gave a sound to similar to electric current and Direwolf Satvan had to retreat a few meters back. Brion whispered with a smile on his face.

    "The experiment is successful!"

    Brion, he watched the whole thing carefully.

    Satvan was not damaged in any way because he attacked the shield.

    After his attack, Brion, The Purple Mind Shield used a little mind power to block to attack.

    Direwolf Satvan was too weak for him, so even if Brion did nothing and only just stand in a place all day long - Satvan could not harm himself in any way.

    Because although he had to spend Mind Power Energy to defend against every attack, mind power energy itself was being renewed as long as Brion stood steady.



    Satvan Attack = 1 Damage Per Second

    Mind Power Regen = 10 Per Second


    "In this way, I am now in a position to simply protect myself in terms of offensive and defensive capabilities.

    As long as Mind Power is sufficient, I can get rid of any attack without being damaged without being forced."

    Brion - who breathed slightly and realized that Direwolf Satvan - was looking carefully around.

    He realized that these moves were not normal, so he activated his ability without wasting much time.

    "Mind Radar, 20 Meters"

    Brion, while activating his ability He increased to the distance of Mind Radar to 20 meters compared to the previous 10 meters

    .In normal circumstances, the best thing to do was level up directly with the ability using Ability Points.

    But it could have been done, just like Brion did. It was just more energy spent.


    After Brion used the talent, he realized that a four-legged creature had come through the forest. Focusing on it, Mind Radar asked him to bring the information he had caught to him. A few seconds later, a panel opened in front of you.

    "Fire Tiger"

    "Level 3"


    "A normal tiger grow with the fire element particles"


    "Fireball (Can shoot fireballs from it is mouth/10 Fireballs \u0026 Day)


    Brion began to focus lightly and whispered towards Direwolf Satvan.

    "Come behind me and don't think about being attacked. I don't want you to be harmed by the creature that's coming."

    Satvan made a sign of approval with his head because he understood the seriousness of the situation and waited for the creature to come from inside the forest after coming behind Brion.
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