13 Mind Overload - Chapter 13

    Within minutes, Fire Tiger showed up. Brion started to examine the creature without losing so much time.

    It was 1.5 times bigger than "Earth" tigers and its fur was the completely orange color.

    Its eyes were shining with an orange light, just like the fur color it had.

    Fire Tiger, after looking at Brion, was getting ready to attack with his all power.

    The Fire Tiger did not care about Satvan which humans see a dangerous creature, on the other hand, Satvan trying to not show he was scared, but he was just sitting on the behind the Brion.

    Brion knew the creature was trying to move on him. This is going to be a good experiment for him.

    At that time, Fire Tiger opened his mouth and took one step forward, And a fireball started to manifest on his mouth.

    After one to two seconds, Fire Tiger shoots his fireball towards Brion with great speed.

    Brion focused and greeted the Fire Ball directly without doing anything.


    The Fireball was stopped by Brion's Purple Mind Shield easily.

    When Brion understood how much Mind Power consumed for blocking the fireball he nodded his head and started to think.

    "The Mind energy consumed was not hight but it is so much powerful than compared to Satvan, paw attacks"

    Brion thought that One Fireball consumed the same energy as 20 Paw Attack from the Satvan.


    After Brion got the information he wanted, he didn't waste any more time, and after Brion slightly raised his hand, he whispered.

    "Spiral Air - x5"

    After Brion's words finished, in the air, five air-element nails manifested. That was Brion's thought of why he wanted his abilities named by the system.

    After using an ability, he could reshape or use it differently with using Mind Power.


    After a few seconds, the rotating air-element nails, which manifested in the air, were directly sent towards Fire-Tiger.

    Fire Tiger was a powerful creature, but he didn't have the power and speed to escape the Spiral Air Ability used by Brion.

    "Put, Put, Put, Put, Put,"

    Each Spiral Air that Brion created, hit the Fire Tiger, after hitting the creature they pass through the body of Fire Tiger and hit the tree trunk behind the Fire-Tiger.

    Fire Tiger died directly there. Brion smiled and made a confirmation sign with his head. At that point, he heard a ding noise coming from the system.


    "Exp 60%"


    "User killed a Fire Tiger"

    "+1 AT Points +1 Ability Points"

    Brion, naturally, didn't expect such a reward.

    At the same time, He didn't think to kill Fire-Tiger would give him so much XP.

    But that's what was natural. As Brion understood, the system didn't just give him XP for the level of creature he had killed.


    After The Fire Tiger died, Satvan looked Brion with great expectations on his eyes. Brion knew what that look meant.

    Satvan asked him for permission to eat Fire-Tiger. Probably consuming a powerful creature at his level would have given the power to Satvan

    "You're free to do what you want."

    After taking permission from Brion, along with a happy facial expression, he approached the dead body of Fire Tiger and began to eat.

    That's when Brion started thinking from inside.

    "I wonder if it'll work."

    Brion had a very good idea.

    He approached the body of the dead Fire Tiger which was being eaten by Satvan and at the same time, he focused on both Satvan and Fire-Tiger.

    The purpose was quite simple. Fire Tiger had an ability, Brion was trying to transfer it to Satvan.

    Brion began to think lightly, and Mind Power Energy began to flow at a serious pace. At the time, he saw a warning he hadn't seen.

    "Mind Overload"

    "User will pass out if continue to use the Mind Power Energy"


    Immediately after receiving these warnings from the system, Brion stopped the ability he was trying to do After that, he collapsed directly to the ground.

    He hadn't lost consciousness, but he was starting to feel serious fatigue physically and mentally.

    "It's too early to cause genetic changes. Too early!"

    Brion took a deep breath after saying those words, and after half an hour of research, he killed several Three-Legged Chickens and brought them with him.

    He had to rest a little this day.

    After entering the Brion cave, he noticed a slight headache.

    He could have guessed why.

    He tried a talent like "Genetic Change" directly before he could reach his potential with the full meaning of his power.

    Trying to influence with "Mind Power" in this kind of way was a very difficult thing for someone at Brion's level.

    Brion learned the hard way that he couldn't do this kind of thing right now..
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